One more Carly pic!

  1. Here's my new Chocolate Carly (large) that came yesterday! She's gorgeous!! I put my new Goldfish keyfob on the hangtag and it's perfect with the brown!! The pics really don't do it justice- it's so beautiful and I love carrying it, too! Thanks for looking:p

    Now to find a wallet that goes well with her!!
  2. Oooh... my choc. carly is coming in the mail soon... and I have that koi keyfob... :graucho: That looks great!

    Congrats! :tup:
  3. Very nice! It's going to be a great fall bag.
  4. I LOVE this bag -- I so want it! Congrats!
  5. oh my katie. it's your bff... ha.
    she's beautiful. you named her, uh no coach did??
    you need an intervention like yesterday. and your sickness is so contagious.
    i can't believe i now believe 25% off of expensive is a bargain. you're sucking us all in to your coach world.
    because, i'm worth it!
    see you at work tomorrow. i'm dying here tonight..
    :choochoo:crazy train.
    i have the quote:
    "i like my bags like my men, long and shallow."
  6. That chocolate color is so rich looking. :heart:it.!
  7. I LOVE that keyfob!!!! It looks so great on your bag!!
  8. Congrats on a great bag! I saw the chocolate Carly in the store on Wed and I have to say I am very impressed with the color. Very yummy and very classy!
  9. nice carly and that goldfish keyfob is so fab! damn that's another to my list!
  10. Modeling pics????? Great choice! When I got my new choco carly, I was told that the Carly had too much hardware to add charms, etc, but I think your fish is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Beautiful! Gorgeous color.
  12. Congrats, such a beautiful bag!!
  13. Is this not one hot bag? I haven't even carried mine yet but it's my new favorite bag. The fish looks good on yours!! Congrats!!
  14. Seriously!! It is such a hot bag!! I love it more and more everytime I look at her :heart: And it's so comfy to carry!
  15. :drool: I love it!! Im waiting for mine to come in!!:yahoo: