One More Blue Muse !

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    Muse 2.JPG

    Muse 3.JPG

    It is here. It just got here today... I love it.. I have been so sick and this cheered me up. I was going to return the Navy Ramona but this color is not close to navy so I am going to justify both purchases.

    My next purchase :YSL Rive Gauche Large in gradient grey

    This is my first time posting pics... so bear with me.
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Oh..that's just gorgeous! Where did you get it????? :girlsigh:
  5. It is such a happy shade, isn't it??? Congrats! I'm on the hunt for an outfit to do the bag justice! wouldn't ya know ... I have NOTHING to wear.
  6. To Regina- We can be bag twins! It is a beautiful happy shade.. Now I want new clothes too.

    Grace123- South Coast Plaza has 4. I ordered one but I was sick and I was going to have them send me one. This morning right before I had them ship it, the Nordstrom at Fashion Valley got just one in and the manager called me and asked if I want it. I had to have it and I was to sick to drive to SCP and needed instant gratification. If you go ask for Steve (at YSL in SCP) he is super sweet and is really good about calling and keeping people updated.
  7. It's totally gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. It's incredibly lovely in this blue! Congrats!
  10. Wow! :drool: Congratulations! Your muse is beautiful!

    I am so curious about the color! Is it similar to the muse II color shown in the Kate Moss ads? I really want to see this bag IRL!
  11. I've been dying for this Muse since I saw the ad, congrats, she is beautiful!
  12. You guys are so lucky to have grabbed these gorgeous blue Muses, and it looks great on you! I don't even think you need a new wardrobe (although there's nothing wrong with an excuse to shop!) since this bag will brighten up any outfit you're wearing. Enjoy!
  13. gr8heart -
    It is not similar to the color in the Kate Moss ad.I think Regina's desciption of cornflower blue os pretty accurate. The color in my pics is close too. If you are near South Coast Plaza go in and take a look and then we can be triplets:greengrin:
  14. Love this color! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Ohhhh...that color.....sensational.