One Month til Mirage (we hope)

  1. I can't believe the summer is almost over! At least we have the mirage to look forward to and its coming in about 4 weeks! I thought we could use a thread to work ourselves up about them, since we typically do it for everything else.

    I haven't started obsessing yet but the September issue of Vogue hit the stands today and you know the ad with the griet is in it. In other words, I'm warming up. How about the rest of you?

    Let's try to keep this thread live til the release date. It'll be interesting to see what kind of shape we're in on September 14.
  2. I am extremely torn on whether or not to get the Mirage speedy in black. I am on the list, but there are many other factors coming into play. For one, I am leaving my job so my income will possibly dry up (though I might have freelance web work coming).

    But also, I have kind of been in love with getting a bottege veneta pyramid hobo in black, it's around the same price as the Mirage Speedy. I really love that bag. I think it may be more "me."

    I am moving to Seattle, my hometown, and I get the feeling that I am not going to see a hell of a lot of limited edition LV bags walking around downtown. But then I don't know, I haven't lived there in a while.

    I have a decision to make in the next few weeks. If and when I get either bag, I will be forced into a very very long ban.
  3. the mirage speedy is my #1 bag for this f/w season. i was really pleased to hear about the details from jane (thanks jane! :smile:): alcantara lining and the bottom seam (i'm not a fan of sagging speedies).

    i'm on the fence about the delays though. wouldn't mind a delay (more time to save), but i've been waiting for this bag ever since pictures of it surfaced. when i last talked to my SA (yesterday) she said the mirage release date is still sept. so hopefully things stay on schedule.
  4. I talked today to my SA in France and she said that the Mirage release date is Oct 1st.
  5. Do you all think it will be possible to get one, if you're not waitlisted?

    I don't currently have a relationship with any local SAs :sad:
  6. You don't need to have a relationship with an SA to be waitlisted. I think if you're not waitlisted, your chances of getting one would be a tad slim since this is a runway piece and quantities are most likely pretty limited...
  7. I called my personal SA yesterday. He not only made a few phone calls but checked higher up (according to him) and the only item delayed as of this post is the Damier Berkeley. So the countdown begins.......
  8. I must stay away from the Mirage!!! I'm first on the waitlist for the Speedy but I already told my SA that I'm not going to take it but she insisted on keeping me up there. :push:
  9. I am on the waitlist and totally excited...
    I do have moments where I am on the fence though. It a really expensive bag and my freelance gig ends on October 20th. If something else comes up then no probem but if it doesn't it will be the last bag for a long while. It's tough as I also love the denim baggy mm which is being discontinued. I hope the bag gets delayed just a bit til I know whats next for me.
    I LOVE THE SPEEEDY. I have 3 other speedies and I carry one almost every day!!! The mirage would be the best adition to my colection.
  10. I'm on the WL for the Mirage Musette in black and the Shearling Storm... probably won't get both. Is Sherling also for the 15th, I wonder? I really wouldn't mind a delay AT ALL... need more time to save, lol.
  11. I am on the wait list for the Griet in black and I can't wait! I just hope its not too big. I hope it doesn't get delayed. My SA said that it will be October.
  12. oh dear! if its limited, i better go and get myself waitlisted for the mirage speedy! I dont know how much it will cost here in singapore. if its USD1800, it probably be around 3000 Singapore Dollars..So is it october or september?
  13. I'm on the waitlist for the mirage speedy in black. I can't wait!!!! I wouldn't mind if the release date was pushed back a bit because I haven't even used my cabby yet.
  14. I can't wait for this bag - hoping it is as gorgeous IRL as we are hearing it is! This is the bag I am most excited about for fall.
  15. I'm on the wait list for a bordeaux Mirage Speedy and a red Croisette (Cruise collection) Speedy. If I like the look and feel IRL of the Mirage Speedy, I'll ask my SA to take my name off the wait list for the Croisette Speedy.