One month on Holiday...7 bags...1 VERY special SO!

May 17, 2006
yay you got yourswelf a 30 lizard!! congrats aren´t those gorgy???

aha nd the rest i snot too shabby either lool enjoy

ah and i think the kp is vert anis chevre?


Mar 14, 2006
A happy ending indeed! Congrats simplyprincess, your new editions are FABU!


Jul 23, 2006
OK we are home but I need to unpack and get everyone settles. But since all of you dearies have been sweet to wait for me here is at least a list of the H purses I aquired!

Ombre Lizard 30cm PWH (Creme interior) very special SO!!!
Rose Dragee Swift 30cm GH
Orange Clemence 30cm GH
Beige Rose Por. Croc 30cm PWH!!!!! (in route right now from Japan. Special thanks to Mrs S for helping with the color!!!!)
Charuese (sp??) Chevre KP PWH black stitching
Caramel Chevre KP PWH white stitching

OK got to get back to my men! DH requires some special one on one time right now! I'll post pics as soon as I can.
Oh, life is so unfair! I've been bugging my local H about a 30 lizard birkin ever since I saw a pic of it on this forum. My SA (who's also the director of the Western Region) keeps telling me that it's an urban legend. Obviously NOT! But, nonetheless, I'm very very happy for you! It's a glorious bag! You are so lucky!!! :yahoo:

BTW, I see another assist from mrssparkles. She was my trusty advisor as well when I bought my diamond H-our watch and croc birkin. U da best mrssparkles!


Hermes Lover
Nov 14, 2006
You are back! I miss your H flower so much! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see your croc Birkin!:love::love:
Oct 25, 2006
I was hoping someone would post the bathtub photo too.

LOVE the ombre. Can't wait to see the croc. CONGRATS!

Do tell the end of the story. Did they get fired because they did something to you? I remember the clipboard story.