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  1. "One Moment in Time"

    A Story about Today

    Last year, I saw pictures of LV men's bags in Monogram Canvas - however, these bags did not have the vachetta leather. They had dark, masculine leather. I immediately realized that they were show bags, and they were in limited quantity. Unfortunately, because they were released several years ago, it was impossible for me to acquire one.

    So, I prayed. I prayed. Yes, I prayed.
    I prayed that the Fall / Winter Men's Collection would yield forth a beautiful twist on the Monogram Canvas where I would be able to see it trimmed, lined and accessoried with dark leather.

    As soon as Louis Vuitton launched their men's collection during Fashion Week, I was clicking through the photographs. I almost fell off my seat in excitment.


    I couldn't believe my eyes. What I was imagining in my head was right in front of me - a photograph taking of a fashion show 6000 miles from me.

    A little over two months ago, they were released to various LV boutiques across the country - however, in limited quantities. I happened to be so busy that I did have the opportunity to reserve one nor even step into a boutique in the last several months. I was invited to a few trunk shows but had to decline because of schedule conflicts.

    So, last week, I finally arrived at the LV boutique in San Francisco, and I was so elated to once again reunite with my sales associate. We had a long, wonderful conversation, as we normally do. I just have not been back to the store for over seven months (YES, that long). Time has flown. I was asking him about those bags, and he went and pulled one out from the display window.

    I touched it, looked at it.
    Absolutely beautiful. But I wanted another one in the same collection, however, it was not available. That particular piece was purchased a week prior. So, I told my SA that I will think about it for a few days. He told me that these show bags are so in-demand that I might lose the opportunity to acquire one. I knew in my guts that I had to give it a few days to decide.

    So, I did. And four days later, I arrived at the boutique again to make a purchase of a regular bag (not the show bag). This day, my SA was not there because he was sick. So, I asked a fellow SA about the show bag. She told me that it was gone - it was purchased just recently. I just said, "Okay, thank you." I inquired about the possibility of them getting another one. The SA told me that there are possibilities of yes and no. So, I went ahead and made the purchase, requested that the associate helping me would give credit to my personal SA (who was sick). She told me that it was very sweet of me to do so, and she would gladly do it. I thanked her, and proceeded out the door with my purchase.

    The next day, I made a call to LV headquarters, asking information on bags from the F/W Men's Collection. I was informed that the San Francisco boutique carried more than one - of one of the bags from the F/W Men's Collection. I gave a smile and thanked the person.

    So, today, I made a visit to the boutique. My SA was working there, and I was glad to see him and that he was in good health. We had a wonderful conversation together. Then, I told him that I have made the decision to get "the bag." After thinking about red or expresso color or the big one or the small one - I told that: the one that he showed me last week - "That's the one!" Then, I told him that I had called the headquarters and gave him the information provided to me. He went into the computer and checked, and "Voila!" They did have one. So, he went through the store and storage and searched for it. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with the cashier (another wonderful person in that store), and we talked about my desire for this particular bag. Suddenly, she asked me, "Is that it?" She pointed to the bag my SA was holding. I turned around, and my eyes and mouth augmented. I couldn't believe my eyes. I immediately reached out to it, as though it was reaching out to me. LOL

    Well, to make this long story, short - it was SO MEANT TO BE!


    And I want to share it with you - "THE BAG" of this season (well... my season... at least! LOL):yahoo:!

    Here's picture #1:







    Surprise coming soon!!! :wlae::wlae:
  2. Hmmm... something Bequia? Mirage?
  3. Mono Bequia??
  4. uh...its too early/late for teasing... take it all off! LOL
  5. I want to take it off... but it's stuck! LOLLLL

    I need eleven more people to help me take it off!

    14 people altogether!

    Help! LOLLLLLL
  6. congrats on your new PDV!
  7. HAHA DD!

    Keep the guesses coming! :jammin:
  8. *tapping foot* it is Mono Bequia?:nuts:
  9. Somewhere up there is the right answer! :wlae:
  10. COME ON..... HURRY!!.. please.. Im going home soon... I dun wanna wait till tmr.. Haa...
  11. Alright, friends! :smile:
    You win! :graucho:

    Here goes...






  12. Congratulations to you, too, DD! :wlae::wlae: I see that we both have one! :graucho:
  13. Congrats is a beautiful bag:love:
  14. ooohh Truly beautiful congrats, i am sure you will love it
  15. Congrats! It is a beautiful bag. Great choice! Have you considered a career as a writer? I really enjoyed reading your post.:tup: