One Million Lose Power In California storms


    DH was off work today, but the other driver kept calling here to ask about different routes as he continued to get stuck on one freeway due to accidents and flooding. My MIL's power was off for 13 hours, and she's three blocks from me. I lost Internet and Cable for awhile, but it seems it was in different blocks of power, like when we had the rolling blackouts, I'd lose power, she wouldn't. The noise of the winds and rains were so bad, my big dog, the yellow one, spent the night in the bathtub. That's where she goes when she's scared.
    One million lose power in Calif. storm
    By SAMANTHA YOUNG, Associated Press Writer 20 minutes ago

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Howling winds, pelting rain and heavy snow pummeled California on Friday, toppling trees, flipping big rigs, cutting power to more than a million people and forcing evacuations in mudslide-prone areas.
    Flights were grounded and highways closed in Northern California as gusts reached 80 mph during the second wave of an arctic storm that sent trees crashing onto houses, cars and roads. Forecasters expected the storm to dump as much as 10 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada by Sunday.
    Highways from Sacramento to San Francisco were closed because of debris or toppled big rigs blocking lanes, and local roads were flooded. Interstate 80 was closed in the Sierra, the main link between Northern California and Nevada.
    "A huge tree, over 100 years old, just fell across the house. It just wrecked the whole thing," said Faye Reed, whose daughter Teenia owns the damaged home north of Sacramento. "They won't be able to live in it. The whole ceiling fell in, and now it's raining inside."
    More than a million people from the Bay Area to the Central Valley were in the dark. Crews worked to restore power, but it could be days before all the lights are on, said Pacific Gas & Electric spokeswoman Darlene Chiu.
    In Southern California, authorities in Orange County ordered an estimated 3,000 residents to evacuate homes in four canyons scarred by wildfires and therefore prone to mudslides.
    "It's too late once the rain starts. These areas are extremely vulnerable. You're risking your life and your family's life fundamentally" by ignoring orders, said Steve Sellers of the governor's Office of Emergency Services.
    Flash flood warnings were issued in canyon burn areas in Malibu and in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Riverside and San Bernardino counties, east of Los Angeles, deployed swift-water rescue teams as a precaution.
    The state opened its emergency operations center Friday morning to coordinate storm response, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he had spoken with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff by phone.
    "Preparation is really the heart of this whole thing," Schwarzenegger said after touring the state emergency operation center at the Los Alamitos Joint Training Base.
    Homeowners in Southern California stacked sandbags and hay bales around their homes while residents in the low-lying areas of the Central Valley piled sandbags to barricade their homes from streams that forecasters warned might swell.
    After looking for a missing Clovis family all afternoon, search teams found 64-year-old John Hopper and his 15-year-old twins, Matt and Sarah, safe in a popular hiking destination in the Sierra National Forest.
    Crews found the family with three other people who had apparently gotten trapped in the woods after the storm hit, said Madera County Sheriff's spokeswoman Erica Stuart. All six hikers were in good condition.
    Travelers' flight plans were put on hold throughout Northern California when airlines delayed or canceled flights. The state Legislature in Sacramento closed offices and sent employees home early.
    A wind gust of 125 mph was recorded in the Sierra on Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service said.
    The huge storm also toppled trees and cut power to thousands of residents in Washington and Oregon.
    Meanwhile, a freeze in the East subsided. Florida's citrus growers weathered the cold largely unscathed, but strawberry and tomato growers watched as some of their crops shriveled.

    A serious freeze would have devastated Florida's citrus trees, already struggling from years of diseases and hurricanes. A better picture of crop damage could come Monday, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases a weekly progress report.
    At Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, iguanas fell out of trees Thursday. The cold-blooded reptiles go into a sort of hibernation when temperatures get too low, even if they are perched in branches. Most woke up when the weather warmed later in the day. ___
  2. Speedy, my mom is in Castro Valley and she said it is really bad there too! Stay safe!
  3. OMG! I had no power about 14 hours. (from 7am-9:30pm) It sucked so bad. :crybaby:It just went back on, but it was cool, b/c I played games with my mom all day. But when the lights on, my eyes hurt so bad!
  4. It hit a pretty big chunk of California Roo! Castro Valley is about 250 miles south of me. My son is in Woodland, over by Sacramento, and they lost power too. He called me to make sure I was okay yesterday.

    It also dumped a TON of snow up in the moutains. And it's still got two more storms coming in the next few days.
  5. We kept loosing our power,,,,it went off at around 3:30, returned for 2 minutes, went off again, returned, and stayed off for about 1 hour!!!
    but the rain and wind were so horrible!!!
    the bay area hadnt seen this kind of storm in 6 was like a small hurricane!!
  6. We lost power yesterday for about 8 hours, got it back for a couple of hours, then lost it again for 12 hours. Now the rain is coming in heavy again, so I'm expecting we'll be in the dark before long. This morning before it started raining, the local grocery store set up big grills in their parking lot and grilled their entire inventory of meat and gave it away to the locals who are also without power. I haven't been able to see the news because my cable is out too, has anyone heard of mudslides anywhere yet?
  7. Thank goodness, no power loss for us. But the winds were very bad. I heard on the radio that you shouldn't drive unless absolutely necessary.

    Since I wasn't feeling well anyway, I took the day off and stayed at home. It's a good thing that I did because we had water coming in through the windows. I had to put towels down to mop it up.
  8. I heard there are bad mudslides in Santa Cruz, Southern California has quite a few, as well as parts of San Fransisco, and near the mountains up here. Really, there are so many right now and more to come.

    Everyone be CAREFUL!
  9. No power outage for me, I'm in the O.C and the wind and rain were pretty ferocious last night as well as some thunder. At my BF's house they had a flood warning, so we spent yesterday evening hauling sand bags to his front door... the winds were so cold seeing as how this storm came from Alaska. It hasn't rained at all today but it looks like it's going to pour any minute! I guess we will have to wait and see...
  10. I'm in a valley in NorCal, and DH says all the mountains around us are covered in snow. I was last outside New Years Day and remember my MIL saying the cold was coming from Alaska. My joints agree with her!

    It's 46 right now, a little after five PM. If it rains tonight, I lay odds it may snow on the valley floor as well.
  11. Yeah! It sure is cold! Same time for me and it's about 56 in my city. I always say how being a Californian anything below 65 is freezing and for people who come from colder areas could walk around in a bathing suit in our "cold" weather and feel like it's summertime!:roflmfao:
  12. I am in Long Beach about 3 blocks off the water and while we had rain and some wind last night, nothing today just cloudy and cool. I think our area missed the worst of it, but maybe it is on the way..?
    Stay safe everyone!
  13. I wonder if Speedy's power is out again.
  14. My power was off for 38 hours and we live smack dab in the middle of San Francisco. It was awful!
  15. I finally got to see the late news last night and realized how lucky I was with just a power outage. So much flooding and evacuations and damage just in this area and I know other parts of the state were much harder hit. The surf is incredible here - apparently 40-foot waves yesterday and the crazy surfers were out on the ocean. In some places waves are crashing right across the coast roads into the homes on the other side.