One Million Free Tshirts for a Great Cause!

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  1. I found this on one of the links from Demosthenes in my freebies thread.

    This website is donating $1 for every shirt that it is claimed. They won't actually be making the shirts until the reach 1 million claims.

    Claim your shirt and choose a charity to donate $1 to. It's free for you and it's for a great cause!
  2. wow that is a really good idea! if only i lived in the USA
  3. Dun it, thanks!
  4. :yes: It will take a while for them to come (if at all) but I really want this site to succeed. It's going to be one ugly shirt though! I want Louis Vuitton to buy out all the spaces... jk.
  5. What happens if they don't get to a million?
  6. Then they don't print them, and they refund the money to all of the advertisers.

    The way I see it, there's no harm done since they clearly explain what they are trying to do. Can't hurt to try and support them.

    And those of us that request the shirts don't lose anything... they won't sell our info, etc.
  7. Great! I signed up. Thanks!
  8. thanx! i gave to the aspca:tup:
  9. I did it, thanks!
  10. I am sure I'm going to get SPAM GALORE but I did sign up.
  11. Me too!
  12. Me too! :smile:
  13. thanks, i signed up too. seems like a good cause...although i thought that $x was going to all the's just the charity with the most "votes".

    i agree that it'll be a really ugly shirt though haha. and it'll definitely take a really long time considering they don't even have 1 advertiser yet.
  14. i did it too.. i hope they finally raise the $$
  15. THanks!