One luxury bag or a bunch of luxury accessories?

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  1. Which would you choose? I'm saving up for a summer splurge and originally intended to buy a chanel boy bag. Now I'm reconsidering, there are quite a few smaller accessories I've been looking at for a while like a cartier spotlight bracelet, LV shawl, valentino shoes, maybe chanel trainers..I already have a chanel cf, but this would be my first boy.
  2. Typically one luxury bag but it would depend on my collection at the time.

    If I had tons of bags but was lacking in shoes and SLGs, I'd choose the accessories.
  3. One good luxury bag definitely. Especially if it's your HG. Many brands increase their prices every year and prices of luxury accessories don't increase as much
  4. On tpf I've seen many instances where people buy lots of small things, or stuff on eBay, instead of the one big thing they really want. So I'd say don't be deflected, if its your HG bag - then go for it, you're much less likely to be left feeling disappointed!
  5. I tend to trash shoes, so I don't buy designer shoes often anymore, and I only have a few pairs, but I've been lusting after the chanel trainers and the valentino rockstuds for ages. The boy bag isn't really my HG, but it's a bag I know I want in my collection eventually, which is why I'm hesitant now. Get the things I'm lusting after now, or the thing I've liked long term.
  6. Hmm...I see your dilemma. I would personally get the boy, mainly because, like you, I've wanted it for a while but have always hesitated due to the price and its possible longevity. Now I am convinced it's a keeper and have peace with the fabric lining, but the price...that I still wrestle with. Now I like to make a list of items I want and I number them according to their desirability and importance/use in my closet. That way, when I see something I want, I check the list and remind myself not to get sidetracked. So for example, while I cannot buy a bag now (funds tied up with buying a house), I know there are only two left on my wish list (Boy and Hermes Evelyne). I am sticking to classics or items that I know I want eventually and staying focused, although it's hard.

    Good luck!
  7. I would choose the bag. The larger purchase first, as prices increase at least annually for most premier brands' bags.

  8. Thank you, I usually have 2 lists, one for more expensive bags/jewellry, and one for more affordable accessories. Now though, I can pretty much clean out my "affordable" wishlist with the cost of the boy. I think I'll get the bag though, it's only going to go up in price and I know I won't regret getting it. I may regret not getting it though.
  9. I vote for one luxury bag.
  10. Honestly, I would say get the back. I understand you can a lot for that amount of money, but I have done this before and have regretted it because I really wanted the bag and not everything I bought.

    plus, if you still desire the accessories you can always save up for those more quickly than a chanel

  11. Very true. I think I just like the idea of a luxe shopping spree
  12. I would choose the big purchase (bag) first instead of a bunch of smaller ones. It's harder to make a big purchase once, but for me it would be more enjoyable than shoes since I also tend to trash them and rotate through my shoes.
  13. Definitely the boy bag first! You can save up faster for the others along the way as they cost less. Also the price on those accessories won't increase as fast.
  14. I'm not an accessories gal in general. I buy fine jewelry and premiere handbags. I don't buy scarves, shawls, high end costume jewelry, watches, purse charms or lots of SLG's because they don't move me at all. And I don't buy high end shoes because I don't see much quality difference between mid range and premier and styles change faster than with bags. So I place 10,000 votes for the handbag.

    Prices will only go up and you can always get a scarf or other trinket later.

    Share a reveal of whatever you buy. Enjoy! 😊
  15. Bag!!!