One Last Clutching the Straw Attempt to look for a Medium Brown or Red Metallic 2.55

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  1. :wlae:

    A looooooooooooooong shot. But in case you know where I could look/call, let me know! :nuts:
  2. MIffy27 PM me. My SA had a red 227 available this weekend.
  3. don't want to get your hopes up too high but they had a metallic brown in Manchester selfridges about 6 weeks ago in what looked like 226 or 227 (sorry memory lapse). It was a random odd one off as they had traded it for another bag with London. It was hidden in the back. There's an outside chance and they do mail order. Uk call 0800 1234000 or overseas +44 113 369 8040. Ask for Manchester Chanel. Katie is always really helpful and let me know how it goes! :yes:
  4. Just as an update the red 227 my SA had this weekend was already sold. I'm sorry. Best of luck.
  5. Thanks Mon and Poshhoney! Will most definitely give Manchester a call although I should not have high hopes as it's been six weeks...still....

    One of my favourite bands is from Manchester - no, not Oasis etc. Puressence! Top band.
  6. Try Alexandra at the Bellagio in Las Vegas--I think she had one as of last week!
  7. Miffy - I posted about it on 4 March in the Manchester thread when i saw it so there may still be hope. Good luck!
  8. Just called Manchester Chanel, poshhoney. It's sold...! Still, you know. Thanks!
  9. there is red 227 at bellagio in las vegas.
  10. :nuts: Must give Vegas a call then! I did call them yesterday but I thought it's brown that they had......:Push: and the nice SA said, sorry, no brown...urgh!!!