One last bag for this year!!!!!!!

  1. It just arrive today so I'm so excited and bought it for $1200 so I guess I just save myself $120 Lucky me:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I saw my brother's GF use the orange perfo speedy and fell in love instantly but that bag is fake one (not so poor fake). The bag is beautiful and lovely:heart: :heart: love her so much.

    The problem is how can I use it when my brother's GF use the fake one. May be I can tell her it's fake as well ...should this work?:confused1:

    sorry I can't find any better background...that's my son's favorite doona
  2. don't hide the fact that yous is real and hers is fake even if she thinks you "copied" her...maybe don't say anything until she asks, but I would not demote a AUTHENTIC bag to a measly way! It's like you might as well have gotten a fake ( but you wouldn't!) and saved yourself money!
  3. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  4. Be proud that yours is real and show it off!!!
  5. Congrats
  6. congrats. Great Bag! I also changed my damier speedy 30 to the MC black one before the price hike.
  7. It's a beautiful bag!!! Ya, You saved a lot on it too. Enjoy it :smile:
  8. Thanks you guys but I don't want my mother-in-law to know how much I spend on that bag.

    She is my (husband) brother's GF ((sorry for the complicated)) and if she knows, my mother-in-law will know toooo....I might have to lie but I'm so proud of my bag.
  9. Congrats! I wouldn't mention anything, unless she mentions should wear your bag with pride!
  10. Congrats! It's beautiful! :yes:
  11. beautiful, congrats
  12. love the bag.. congrats! i agree with everyone else.. dont say anything until someone asks u.. or just say u got a bargain on ebay or u bought it from a pfer!!
  13. congrats..why on earth you want to tell people it's loud and clear because your bag is real..;)
  14. Congratulations on your beautiful bag! Oh nononononon! Be proud that she's authentic and pretty (but of course not at the expense of any relationships)...I think diorwhore's suggestions are pretty good...use those excuses instead...
  15. Cute!!! Congrats!!