One item will end soon. Need more comments please...

  1. Over at PurseBlog, we started a new series called Closet Confessionals in which we examine how readers and TPFers afford their bag addictions. Read about it in this intro article and submit your own confessional here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. RockSteady kindly helped me verify the authenticity. THANK YOU!

    However, can I get more comments on this please? I'm very new to bbag!! As you can tell, I thought the second one was fake.. :sick:

    I don't mind getting the use one as long as it's real. If you don't mind, can you please let me know how much is the reasonable price I should pay? You can PM me. Thank you very much! :love:

    This will be my first and hope it won't me my last. Would love to join this great community.... Thank you again....
  2. They look similar to me- I'd go for the first one if you are in the USA just because it is easier to deal with insurance issues and also not having to pay customs duty.
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