One item, 2 ebay listings....expiring 10 hours apart. Is that allowed?

  1. I am interested in a pair of shoes on ebay and I noticed that the seller had 2 auctions going on with virtually the same description. In one post, the shoe is decribed as a size 38 and in the other auction, it is listed as a 7.5 US (a 38 european size equals a 7.5 US). The pictures on the 2 auctions are of the exact same pair of shoes so I asked the seller what was going on. She said she created 2 different auction b/c she was afraid that if someone just searched 7.5 or just 38, they may not find the shoes that she had listed if she only listed 1 size so she decided to list both doing 2 separate listings. is this allowed? Both have a BIN option and a bidding option.
    For some reason this just feels shady to me but I am not an ebay expert. what do you ladies think?
  2. All she had to do was put 38 7.5 in the title and it would be searchable either way. Personally I don't like when sellers of European sized items 'Americanize' the size. I am a US 8.5 a 39 in Prada, it all depends in CL and a 40 in AW.
    Is she a newer seller? She is running a risk of selling both but IDK if there is a specific rule against it.
  3. She does appear to be a new seller. We are now in a situation where I am the only bidder on the auction that closes first and there is another person bidding on the auction that closes second. I really want this item. If I win, can she decline to sell to me b/c the price didn't go up high enough due to the fact that I had no competition on my auction but if the moron would have had only 1 auction going, there would have been competing bids?
  4. If you win and the seller cancels the transaction report the seller for nonperformance/ leave a neg feed back
  5. So I won the auction and the second auction ha one bid on it. After that second auction ended, I checked it and it says it was closed with zero bids but I know for a fact that it had a bidder. I am in the United States and the seller is overseas. Now I am worried she is running a scam. Does this sound fishy to anyone? I already paid but paid with PayPal backed up on a well protected credit card but still, I worry.....
  6. If something goes wrong like you don't get the item or its not the item that was listed you are protected. eBay is great towards buyer not so much for sellers