One in one out principle

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Hi ladies

    I've been reading with interest how some of you have a one in one out principle and after asking for advice on chocolate bays (the bays I never use) I am beginning to wonder if I should let her go? As suggested by SHM, I could use her as a rain bag but I have a black bays that I could use this for.

    Based on how well I am loving pebble mabel - lightweight, easy to use, I now opt to use her over my heavier bags, and with Roxy's arrival will also use this a lot too so here are some of my options, could I get your thoughts on these as I am not sure what to do?


    Choc bays - sell and replace with??? I could say chocolate mabel but why don't I seem to have a need for chocolate in my wardrobe oddly even though I wear loads of chocolate and beige colours.
    Black bays - keep
    oak bays - keep

    Choc bays - keep and use it as a rain bag
    Oak bays - keep
    Black bays - sell and replace it with black mabel.

    Or am I silly contemplating removing a bays from my collection?

    Never done this one in one out trick before - just trying to maximise use of each bag.

  2. If Mabel is your preferred style then why not replace a bays that you aren't using with a mabel that you will?
    If choco isn't your thing then...replace choco Bays with Black mabel! Ta daaaaaaaaa then you have two bags in a colour you will use!
  3. #3 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    OK, just stop and think for a moment. choc bays out yes, but I would wait until new stock arrives, and then see if you find anything you like. Otherwise I would find a black mabel then. Because you already have a mabel you might like to have another style of bag? Just to have different options. I might suggest black e-w also, if you like bays.

    yes, forgot so I edited in this line.
    Don't hurry take your time with the deciding.
  4. Hi Pheeps thanks for that - I was worried that if I replaced choc with black mabel then black bays would never get worn.

    Also I am wondering but the ageing factor of the mabel, Bays is a classic and as I age it will become more agreeable with an age appropriate wardrobe, not sure the mabel will do that - not sure if I should be preparing for the here and now or planning it for the future.

    Will I ever use the chocolate bays?

    Is there a style I have overlooked which isn't a mabel, a4 roxy or bays? Maggie isn't for me or the normal roxy, somerset is not my thing, already got a messenger, agyness isn't my style, and then there's poppy but sand would be the only colour I'd consider.
  5. I don't think you're silly for letting a bays go because you do have 3 Bays. If you don't think you need Chocolate in your wardrobe, why not let her go and replace her with a BLACK MABEL. Keep Black Bays to use as a wet weather bag.

    You don't have to replace Chocolate with Chocolate, and its silly to just keep a bag to use in the rain if you're not going to use it any other time. You may as well just buy a cheaper, non designer, bag to use in the rain or something like Orla Kiely or LV that is rain proof.
  6. Whoops sorry Pheebs, I didn't see that you have already suggested the Chocolate Bays/Black Mabel switch.
  7. Hi Salikons, think we are on the same wave here, I would like to diversify if I could to a different style so waiting for new season stock is good advice.

    e-w bays is a good suggestion, might try one of those out - it could also be used as an evening bag no?


  8. New season bag or black e/w Bays........I am the temptater sent from the bays style gost.....

    Think e/w goes as a bigger eveningbag. Personally I like really tiny eveningbags, but if you like them a little bigger I geuss it could work.
  9. Maple if you really don't like Choc Bays and you have the black bays to use as a rain bag (which you like better) i would suggest

    Oak bays - keep
    Black bays - keep use as rain bag
    Choc bays - sell and wait a while to replace it with a bag that your sure to want in the future! :graucho:
  10. True Ali re: rain bag. I've got an LV bag that I could use in the rain.

    I'm quite stumped on this - I'm trying to be as honest with myself as possible but at the same time don't want to make a mistake with my decision.


  11. Don't forget all the new season bags will be out soon, there might be a little gem there for you or the A4 might work out so great that you might pick this up in another colour!
  12. #12 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    THanks SHM, I agree choc bays is the one to go :tup:

    Now I've really got to put my thinking cap on - DH is not going to be thrilled that I am considering this, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if he vetos the idea.

  13. I hope so, wish they'd launch them on their site so we can take a closer look at them!

  14. I'm sure that if you put it to your DH that it would be better to sell the bays and replace it eventually with a bag that you actually use, instead of keeping the bag in it's dust bag forever - he would come round to the idea.
    That way your future new bag is being funded by the old bag!
    You would also get a really good price for the bays as you have proof of authenticity and it's never been used. The price increase should work in your favout too!
  15. I know the suspense is torture :sweatdrop: i keep checking daily to see if the new collection is there yet

    I really want to see the Mitzy hobo and messenger IRL to see if i really do like it!