One in and . . .

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  1. One in and a bunch out, to make way for a much anticipated Matte Croc Birkin grail bag that's arrived and stolen my heart. Here's the question: how well does Matte Croc hold up with frequent use? I'd like to cull the herd and keep only a few bags, but need to know if I can count on the Matte Croc Birkin as a daily bag that would be in rotation with just a couple of other bags.

    When the edges of my non-exotic Birkins get scuffed and/or lose color, a spa treatment takes care of it. What happens when the edges of a Matte Croc Birkin get scuffed or lose color? Can a spa treatment restore it, too?
  2. Great question MS; as a newbie owner of matte croc, I'd love to know how well it wears over time. The only warning I got was to make sure it doesn't get wet, otherwise it will bubble up like box.

    What drew me to the matte croc in the first place though was seeing them in action IRL and clearly these bags looked as if they had been toted around on a daily basis and still looked great so that gives me hope. But hopefully some experienced owners can jump in and add their opinions.
  3. Congr ats millstream on your upcoming acquisiton. Sounds like it will be lovely!
  4. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see it.
  5. Millstream - this is EXACTLY what I need to know. How well does matte croc come back from a refurb if, g-d forbid, something happened to it? :shocked:

    Is it really suitable to be toted around every day (or almost every day)?
  6. Oh, millstream, I am so happy for you!!!

    I have absolutely nothing to contribute to your question, am no help at all....but I am THRILLED!!!

  7. Hmmm, I'm not sure. I just know the following:
    - the handles may darken over time
    - no long exposure to the sun
    - no water whatsoever
    - they should be aired regularly

    That's about it. Congrats!
  8. sounds gorgeous Millstream :smile: can't wait to see pics... As far as I know I have Meltonian leathercleaner&conditioner and that can be used on crocodile too and the BICK4 too... and the same for the Meltonian creme... I don't think you will easily get a color loss... I haven't noticed on my corners... but my corners do sort of soften a bit.

    Matte Croc is, quite possibly, my all time grail bag. One of the reasons is because it lends itself so well to daily usage.....vs. shiny Croc which tends to be more dressy. I'd LOVE to know the answer as well.....GAH!
  10. I don't have the answer either, but just want to say Millstream that I really admire your philosophy on the in/out thing. I try to do the same with my wardrobe. Haven't done it with Hermes though.
  11. I have made rubbed corners look like new on matte croc with a little Creme Saphir Universal (it is a lotion like product). I think it s about the same as Melatonian neutral lotion. The color does not rub off, just sort of scuffs and the lotion restores it.
    For me matte croc is a little tender for everyday use.
  12. Oh dear.......I'm REALLY wanting a little something in Matte Croc now.....GAH!!!!
  13. Millstream! Hooray! That is wonderful news that you have been swept off your feet by your grail! I hope you wear her in the best of health for years to come!
  14. Congrats Millstream !!!
    I'm sorry I can answer you...for now :graucho: !!!
  15. Yeah, Millstream! The only thing I have to contribute is congratulations! Great question tho.