One hundred pushups?

  1. I've had the app for ages but have never gotten past the first week. I think I'll start it up again.
  2. Good point, thank you!
  3. Don't you think though that Kelly has very noticeable pectoral/chest muscles because she's so incredibly flat chested that she has no fat to cover them with? Her arms are a little too buff for my liking also, but she does look amazing everywhere else!

    A friend of mine is a total work out nut, every day, 7 days a week, no matter what and she's 5'8 and only 111 pounds, but she naturally has good sized boobs so even though she works her chest muscles like crazy, you can't really tell anything other than her being extremely lean and toned. She's very thin, but looks amazing!! Doesn't have the Kelly Ripa chest.
  4. ^I think that yes, some of it has to do with Kelly's body type, but some of it is due to her exercise routine. I think that some women can work out their chest/pec muscles and still keep some breast tissue/fat, while others can't (sort of like how some women gain and lose weight in their boobs, while others do not). I have a lot of female friends that are hard-core into fitness (like running marathons, competing in iron man competitions, competing in triathlons, etc), and lifting weights is always part of their training regimen. The only ones that have boobs, are the ones who have had breast augmentation. I think that when you train at a certain level, obviously, you're going to lower your body fat percentage and that includes the fatty tissue in your breasts. Again, I'm not saying that this is true for every woman, just my experience with the women I know. As far as the push-up work out is concerned, I have no interest in working out my pecs/chest at that level. I lift weights to tone my arms (biceps & triceps) and my shoulders, but for the most part, I stay away from moves/routines that work out my chest muscles.
  5. ^I think being hardcore into fitness is an extreme. Being able to do 100 "girl" pushups will not give you the pecs of a man/take away your breasts... it would have to be combined with very intense cardio/whatnot. This program isn't really that intense at all, it just gradually builds your strength up over a 6 week period.

    I need to workout my shoulders/arms more than weights because you need that strength working around the barn (it builds up anyway), but I feel like pushups help me alot. I breezed through the initial test and day one yesterday. I definately have boobs and not pecs.
  6. ^Yeah, I didn't say the push-up program was intense - I just said that personally, I have no interest in toning/strengthening my chest muscles, so the program is not for me. The discussion about exercise and breast size was sort of a spin-off to that discussion and although I don't see the push-up program as leading to any significant results, it is still meant to tone and strengthen specific areas (chest, arms, shoulders, etc.).
  7. I am a 30 DD (naturally). If doing push ups is all it will take to get out of buying any more custom made bras you can count me in!!!
  8. ^I don't think that anyone implied that doing push-ups can significantly reduce breast size. If that was the case, then breast reduction surgery would become obsolete:biggrin: Also, not every woman has large breasts, so a woman with smaller breasts may have concerns about how their work outs might affect their natural breast tissue. Personally, I just don't care to work out my chest because I don't feel the need to tone (or add strength) that area, and not because I'm concerned about the size of my breasts.
  9. Pilates and Yoga are both wonderful ways to tone your whole upper body without focusing on any one group in particular. When I do them consistently, my arms get very shapely in only a few weeks and so does my upper back, but just to the point of being pretty, not looking muscular...does that make sense?

    I don't think I'd do this program either, but that's just because I have other things that I've found and am happy with doing. I'm tall and naturally lanky and willowy so maybe that's what those particular types of work outs seem to be best for me.