one hour left...please let me know what you think

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  1. THANK YOU!!! My computer sent it before I could type that!
  2. For whatever reason, my computer acted up when I tried to reply a minute ago...

    Here's what I think: DON'T BUY IT. Is is a FAKE. I am the happy owner of a LV MC Speedy in white, and I look at it enough to spot fakes around me :smile:.
    Look at the handles: Too long
    Look at the color of the leather of a "new" bag: too dark
    Look at the logos on the front pocket... the right LV in white is slipping down into the stitching... a BIG giveaway.
    The logos on the main pocket are slipping down to the right.
    The metal hardware is scratched and looks "dipped"...real ones have metal that looks crisp, smooth.
    Plus... the colors of the bag are wrong.
    My big suggestion is to go to your nearest LV store or and get one before the prices go up. You will be much much happier and not have to worry about fakes.
    At least I got to take a look at the auction link before you bought it (I hope)!
    Hope this helps!!​
  3. One more thing... I mentioned the white logo going into the stitching on that front pocket... look at the logo to its left (the pinky-beige one)...see how it is crooked now (all that black to its left vs. the logo on the right going into the stitching)? Dead giveaway. Again, please don't waste your hard-earned $$ on a fake! : ) Hope this helps!! : )
  4. i'm not too sure about the colours.... are there 33/32 colours on the bag???
    i agree, just save your money and look on eLux or go to your LV store.... just to get a piece of mind.... BUT then again i could be completely wrong and it could be the real deal....
  5. Nope this one is a fake... logos on a real LV aren't sloped and falling into the stitching--everything is perfect on a real one. It makes me mad to see so many fakes on Ebay. At least there are forums like this now to fight the fakes and help others who have questions.
  6. Oh Vuittonhammie, you are as good as your avatar is cute ! ;)

    The colours of the bag are terrible.. and the stamp is completely wrong.
  7. I have yet to buy a bag from ebay as I get kind of a pit in my stomache and feel sick! I did bid on one a few weeks ago and after posting it here I contacted the lady selling it and told her I really just did not feel comfortable about buying it..and she was FINE with it. (amazing!!!) I mostly just browse ebay as I always come across something that makes me laugh! Thanks for your input. I shall let this one pass!
  8. I am a happy new member of this Purse Forum, and I am glad I can be of help already. I am a LV addict myself and am knowledgeable in Vernis, MC (white and black), and Cerises. I totally HATE FAKES and the people that sell them!

    If you want to splurge on a cute bag... I also just recently got the Gucci Horsebit Hobo Large in tan leather with light gold hardware.. I know, I know, it is very "J. Simpson" but it was too cute to pass up. Got it on
  9. Don't feel too discouraged, the browsing will help train you to be discerning conneisseur of real bags ! ;)

    Sometimes, if I'm not sure about the authenticity of a bag, I like to look at ioffer too, to compare the really good fakes against a bad that I'm kind of iffy about. I find that helps too.
  10. I have an MC Shirley. And I remember one problem when buying it was that the logos on the back of the bag didn't line up perfectly. Since I'm a perfectionist, I went through their entire collection of Shirleys at two different stores, and still found that most of them didn't line up just so. So I don't think the canvas will be made completely perfect.

    Oh, but the logos I'm talking about are the LVs but the other ones. They had to be cut off and on a lot of the bags, they were cut off differently, sometimes with one mostly there and the other mostly cut off on the other side.

    Am I making sense?
  11. The O's on the stamp aren't round enough either. Fake!
  12. Yeah the font on the lining of the bag is horrendous! GROSS.