One Hot Ho.... Weirdest Dream ever!!!!

  1. Last night I dreamed that I was finally in NYC, going to BalNY. With my father (correct..). We had found a perfect hotel online, called The Balenciaga, but when I read all the hotel brocheures and soaps, they said 'One Hot Ho', so I figured One Hot Ho must be the real name. I didn't even think it was strange!!:p

    Then we finnally went to BalNY, and I bought a BI city (which was dark denim.. ), but I changed my mind after paying, and I just put it back on the shelf and left the store, not considering getting my money back!!!

    It was sooo annoying, and I spent the rest of the dream being frustrated because the store was closed, and I was told that Americans didn't like the telephone, so all phones had been withdrawn from the American market!!

    There was no way of getting a hold of BalNY, people just told me that Bbags weren't for Europeans! Luckily I woke up, unfortunately feeling desperate and frustrated, realizing it was only a dream:roflmfao:

    Another strange thing is that my fatehr didn't have a stroke when he saw the pricetag on the bags, he actually liked them!!
  2. That's SO funny! IRL, my Dad hates my bags -- once he looked at my Rouille Twiggy and said "That's one ugly bag!"

    Never fear, clearly it WAS a dream -- Americans are so lazy we HAVE to do everything by phone (that's never going to change); B Bags are made in Europe for Europeans, we're just lucky to get them; and most likely there will be something frustrating about getting a B Bag here, but more along the lines of choosing among the fabulous colors and styles.

    Sounds like it's time to plan your shopping trip to NYC! And BalNY is open EVERY DAY.
  3. Hmmm, I had a dream last night that I got outbid on my dream bag on eBay. And then as a compensation they gave me a 'slightly used Grenat work' for free. Woke up and felt really ripped off, cause I had been outbid, and I had no free work!!
  4. LOL!! Good one!!
  5. ^^ lol, these stories are great gals!!! :p
  6. First you had a dream that I was stealing your job and now this!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao: ohhh poor Silje..... :wtf: it's a great relief to me that it was 'only a dream' :rolleyes: !!!
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Hilarious, crazy, and bizarre the way only dreams can be. thanks for sharing that!
  9. I think you have been thinking about B bags too much :smile:
  10. ^^ I know!! That was my interpretation as well!!

    The strange part was that the bag changed between being a dark jeans colour, and sky blue patent! And every time it turned light, it would look like a mini-first!!!
  11. This is soooo funny!!!!!
  12. You know what I like best about these kinds of dreams? The sense of profound relief when you wake up and realize "it was only a dream..." ;)
  13. Lol that one funny dream :biggrin: