"One hold bag per passenger only" Does that mean one checked-in and one hand luggage?

  1. Or does that mean one hand luggage and then I pay to get one bag checked in?
  2. i think one to carry in the cabin.
  3. What airline is it? I just looked on the Lufthansa site to see their baggage limitations and I think it means one bag as a carry on and everything else needs to be checked-in.
  4. Hold refers to cargo-hold, so it's one checked bag.
  5. Most airlines (I fly on a couple of different ones all of the time) will allow you to bring only one carry on bag...Of course your handbag does not count. Most also limit the number of bags you can check to two. If you have extra bags to check you will be charged a fee for each bag.
  6. Easyjet if I pay online, it's cheaper lol, my flight's tomorrow, im only going to London, anyone'd think I was going to America *sighs*
  7. you can check one in and take one as hand luggage.

    easyjet USED to let you take a huge amount of hand luggage but with the new security rules it's not possible. you can't take more than one item of hand luggage no matter what.

  8. your handbag DOES count with the new uk security measures. your handbag must fit into your main item of hand luggage for the security screening. there's nothing stopping you from taking it out after that though.
  9. Easy jet are really strict with their baggage allowance - I've seen "oversized" carry on having to be checked in as hold luggage because the check in desk clerk thought the bag was too extreme as carry on!

    I've also seen women try to take the micky a bit at check in they attempt to carry on 3 (min) items of hand luggage eg:

    The Mum

    A Very large handbag
    A large Baby Bag
    Then a large shopping bag containing Duty Free

    The Business Woman

    Very Large Handbag
    Lap Top/Briefcase
    Then Pull along small w/e case
    Then probably additionally a large shopping bag containing duty free.

    No wonder airlines are starting to get a bit more strict with the hand luggage allowance.
  10. it's not the airlines though, it's the BAA :cursing: easyjet had a very generous hand luggage policy until the new restrictions came into effect. you weren't allowed a million bags but you could have a standard size carry-on and have it as full as you wanted as long as you could lift it into the locker unassisted, and a handbag or laptop case on top of that.
  11. Thanks! I assumed she was speaking of flying within the US:p. I know the security rules are different elsewhere;).
  12. at least one good thing has come out of the tightened airport security. before all of this easyjet were going to charge if you checked in any luggage. but since the hand luggage restrictions you have no choice but to it check in.
    have fun in london. easyjet are not as bad as their reputation.
  13. That means, one hand carry. If you have two hand carries, better check in the other one.
  14. I fly with a purse and a laptop bag and check my bag with clothing.
  15. I would assume it's dependent on the airline as well as your governmental airline agency.
    For the US you can have one piece that can fit in the overhead bin as well as one piece that can fit under your seat. Sometimes they're a bit lax on the size of both, sometimes they're not. JFK in NYC are asses when it comes to stuff like that.