One Hell Of A Christmas Surprise, Over $7,000 Dollers Worth Of....

  1. bratz1.jpg
  2. wow.. thats one hell of a christmas present. just kidding! ew.. definantely landed at the wrong house, I guess someone was very dissapointed on christmas. (the little girl, and the druggies who missed out on their 3 lbs of weed)
  3. note to self: buy bratz dolls from eBay...


    but, seriously, wow...and how do you not notice an extra 3 pounds of weight on a doll?!
  4. ^^
    If the seller did not recall where they put their dope it must have been decent weed.
  5. :shocked: IRISH!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. wow.. goodness... that's crazy.. and a bratz doll from eBay? must've been a special edition one..
  7. Aw come on Swanky, you were probably trying to figure out how to contact the seller!! :idea:
  8. lol that's right.. iwanna see the eBay auction link! haha.
  9. :roflmfao: My question is...

    How big are the heads to conceal three pounds of marijuana?
  10. omg!
  11. WOW!

    Hehe . . . she either has a REALLY oversized head, or the little girl got a Baby Bratz doll, which is much bigger.

    (Ugh! I was reading some of the other things that are in the Bratz line and the spelling is atrocious! Bratz Babys, Bratz Petz, Bratz Boyz . . . )

    (Did anyone ELSE look at that doll's shoes and immediately think, "Stripper shoes!" or was that just me?)
  12. i did too.

    and my niece wants to know why i won't buy her bratz...:rolleyes:
  13. Not that there's anything WRONG with being an exotic dancer, if that's your calling in life, but to have a doll intended for children wearing those shoes . . . :hrmm:
  14. i would have a hard time believing it's anybody's "calling" to be an exotic dancer. but, to each their own!
  15. wow, what an honest woman to have called the cops about it.
    i would've kept it....... :ninja: :roflmfao: