One hawt tomato... my first Ant! :D

  1. (This post is dedicated to fellow TPFer, HRHsunshine, who is the main reason why I've got an Ant now! I'm bad at summarising so if you just want to look at Ant porn, just scroll down straight to the pics. Hope my pics are alright! Enjoy!)

    So I've been eyeing the Antigona for many months now, ever since HRHsunshine shared a pic of her Ant clutch with me. The shape! The structure! The angles! It intrigued me the first time I saw hers and I started paying attention to the Antigona. Soon the intrigue turned into, yes you guessed it, FULL-BLOWN HARD CORE LUST!

    So I started to do some TPF research, hoping that I would find out something about it that would convince me NOT to get the bag (too heavy? leather too delicate? limited colours?). But nothing.

    At the same time, I was also considering the Celine Luggage. In fact, I tried it out for a week but the lack of a shoulder strap just killed me coz I'm not a handheld-bag kinda girl. I still liked the look of it, but I knew that the Luggage just wasn't for me. And well, whadya know? The Ant had a shoulder strap!

    At that point, I knew I was a goner when it came to the Antigona. (sorry, kinda lame, but I just HAD to!)

    But nothing happened for a coupla months because work was just driving me bonkers. I had no time (or energy) to try the Ant on at my local G store. So I became a cyber Ant stalker - googling "antigona" during meetings, checking out Bonz listings of Ants and of course, drooling over all your Ants here on TPF!

    Then, a work trip to London happened. :graucho::graucho::graucho: And that can only mean... (let's say it together everyone) TAX REFUNDS!

    So I went to...

    --> Selfridges (ooo, saw the metallic grained Ants in gold and dark grey, the smooth black Ant and the textured "plated" (i'm probably getting all the lingo WRONG! sorry!) Ants. I was tempted by the metallic range but still wasn't sure, so I went to...)

    --> Harrods (they only had the smooth Ants in beige - too light for me! so the next week, I went back to...)

    --> Selfridges (was THIS close to getting the metallic grey with gunmetal hardware but couldn't decide between that or the smooth black because HRHsunshine advised me to get the grained goat Ant and they only had it in fuchsia, so the next day I went back again to...)

    --> Harrods!


  2. Now, I'm a Bal fangirl and this is actually my first post here in Givenchy. At Harrods, I actually went to the Bal section first and was deciding between an Anthracite or Black Work. But the leather on both bags was nothing to write home about so I glanced over at Givenchy (it's right next to Bal! a sign???) and I saw this!

    Let's have a close-up!

  3. AND another close-up!

  4. The SA told me that they had just taken it out that morning (I was there around 1pm) because a Givenchy rep was doing his rounds and they wanted all their colours out. He also said that he expected it to sell by the end of the day. Just because it's a RED. I know I shouldn't fall for things like that, but this was the first time I'd seen a red Ant. And it WAS very stunning!

    So I'd like to find out from you experts here at G, is the red really that hard to find? I think it's not a FW colour right? If I've read right, the FW Ant colours are Eggplant and Burgundy? Are Black, Beige and Red constants from season to season? Sorry, this is my first foray into the world of G so I haven't picked up all the local knowledge yet. Would LOVE to hear from you all!

    So anyway, I hemmed and hawed for about 20 minutes and kept trying the bag on the shoulder, in the hand, in the crook of the arm, blah blah blah. Then I decided, you know what? Screw it. I like the colour, I've been working hard for my money. I DESERVE IT!

    So I handed over my credit card, and promptly sold my soul to the G devil! I think I've switched allegiances now and am planning to sell some Bals to get more Gs!
  5. :drool::nuts::faint: What a stunning and sexy RED! LOVE it! Congratulation!!!!!!!

    You have just jumped into the land of smokin' hot, cool edgy, sophisticated bags that will rock your world! LOVE the story and that Givenchy sales rep was right. That red WILL sell and you made it happen!

    So glad that I could lure you into the Givenchy zone. :devil:

    The shape of Ant is beyond compare. She is a star and grabs the attention of all around her. What a fabulously HOT color you chose. No timid neutrals for you, baby! Just take that leap with the brightest and boldest of colors! :heart:

    Red has been a staple as well as black. You are correct that aubergine, grey, and some of the others are seasonal.

    I am so excited you have joined! Congratulations on your first and surely not your last. :biggrin:
  7. Awww, thanks! And I have to agree with you, it IS rather sexy! I'm in love!
  8. Thanks for the welcome my friend! You think it won't be my last? Hahahaha! You don't have much faith in me! Oh dear! I hope G doesn't release a tri-coloured any time soon...

    You are SO right about cool and edgy. That's exactly what I love about the Ant. Sigh!!! I'm still glad I have my Bals for the slouch but the Ant just has that ooomph! You know?!

    Thanks for the info about the red. Do the red Ants from different years vary? The way Bal reds change from year to year? And is there a special year when Ants were phenomenal? Like pre-2008 Bals?

    I have some mod shots in my laptop. Will post them tomorrow!
  9. The reds have been the same. Perhaps they may vary down the road.
    For the most part, the Gbag leather can be quite consistent.
    I think the 2012 and earliers may have been a tad softer from what I can gather but they are, for the most part, the same quality.

    So nice to carry a bag by the handle and not be paranoid about patina, right?
    Looking forward to your modshots!
  10. So gorgeous, congrats!!
  11. Lovely red, lovely read - congrats!
  12. Thanks! And oh my, your G christmas tree is too cute!

    Thanks so much! :heart: Is it possible to love a bag so much???
  13. I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PATINA??? Seriously?! OH MY! Woot woot woot! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    The handles won't darken? The red won't fade or shift? OH MY! Gosh, I'm so happy to hear that the Gbag leathers are consistent! What a relief! Why didn't I do this earlier?? HAHAHA... Thank you for introducing me to the world of G!

    Now that you mention it, I have noticed the older medium Ants slouching quite a bit... like Miranda Kerr's black Ant. Then I'm happy I got a 2013 Ant. I want mine to have this shape forever! Phew!
  14. Took some modshots because I can't just get enough of this bag! Btw, I'm about 5' 1" and about 106 lbs.

    #1 - Shoulder Carry (my fav way to wear this bag)


    #2 - Hand Carry in the crook of the arm (my 2nd fav way of wearing the Ant)


    #3 - Hand Carry by the handles (don't do this often)


    #4 - Hand Carry by the shoulder strap (don't do this at all coz I'm short and it hangs too low to the ground for my comfort!)

  15. such a gorgeous color! totally love it. is that the medium or small?