ONE handle LIGHTER than the other??

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  1. Does this happen to anybody else but me? Every bag I have... Lockit/Cerise Speedy/Multicolor Speedy/Rita/Neverfull ...ALLLLLL OF MY DAMN BAGS seem to always get one handle darker than the other..and I always try to rotate the way I hold it but it doesnt seem to I the only one this happens to? :confused1:
  2. Yep, my lockit H is that way...

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  3. One handle on my Neverfull starting getting darker than the other, but eventually they both got evenly dark.
  4. mine too the worst is my neverfull one side is wrinkle other side is normal:wtf:
  5. Not exactly the same situation but I hate that the handles on my batignolles are soooooo much lighter than the small leather tabs and I can't figure out why!!:shrugs:

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  6. hmm... interesting lol. I guess it's just the way you use it, but don't stress out too much over this. Oh ya, it's never happened with me.
  7. I've seen this happen before even with other women's bags.
  8. YEP, me too on my speedy
  9. my speedy too^

    Opps signed in on wrong name Mr Label addict does not own a speedy!
  10. This always happens on my bags!
  11. happened to my speedy. it's still this way...
  12. I haven't noticed this on my LV bags. I don't think it really matters - they'll all get dark eventually.
  13. mine is a little bit uneven...
    and my tabs are lighter than the handles but i attribute that to not touching the tabs as much.
  14. Oh weird, I've never had this happen ?

    Are you guys carrying so one way always faces "out" ?
  15. it is so bad with my mini hl! i tried to even it out, but it didnt work..