One for DH...

  1. Despite the fact that my DH is not really an accessories-loving guy (with the exception of Tumi products), I still had to use him as an excuse to get a souvenir from my visit to the BV store on Rodeo, where I felt like a little girl in candyland. He grumbled, but still obligingly is using the new key chain (which looks quite beefy and manly, if you ask me!) very well. I thought it was very well-made. As an aside, I took the photo alongside my recent wallet purchase, the long zip around wallet in moro (a darker ebano in umbria). The second pic is totally unrelated so I hope I don't get in trouble - today we went to the dog beach and I was so proud of my golden, Walter, who faithfully fetched his ball so well from the waves. This is my favorite pic from today - studying the landscape for his ball.
    one.jpg two.jpg
  2. the key chain is great - that was a very nice gift!

    love your wallet - dont know why but just got a thing for the browns.

    hurray for your doggy! right now I wished I could just jump right into the waves.... great pic!
  3. The key chain for DH is a fab idea - and yes its totally manly. Been meaning to get a new one for mine since the last one I bought him was too big (it was the key ring holder type which folds up and close with a snap button). Tumi is DH's fav too! Seems like both our DHs have great taste, in Tumi and in BV loving wives! :lol:

    And what a great pic of Walter, Bunkie! Goldies and beagles are my fav doggies. :yes:


  4. Bunkie, I like the key chain, I like your Moro wallet (I have a similar one, but in Ebano - don't you agree this is a great size and design in terms of being user friendly?) and I like Walter too.... he looks like a very brave dog! (and he reminds me of Wilbur, my bro-in-law's much loved golden, who just passed away in his sleep 2 weeks ago :sad:
  5. Bunkie: what a sweet wife you are for getting something nice for DH while shopping. It seems rather difficult for me to buy luxury items for mine since he prefers electronics better. I am in love with moro now after seeing it in the color thread.

    Your goldie is adorable and that pic you took would make a perfect wallpaper.

    mlbags: i hope your BIL is doing ok-sorry to hear about the loss.
  6. bunkie,
    i love your wallet! its in moro! nice!

    walter is so different from Coffee. Coffee hates water! ha! so brave of walter! he seems to be reflecting....deep in cute!
  7. nice touch for DH bunkie...that should get him started on BV :p good on you!
  8. Great pics Bunkie, your dog looks cute, and what a nice pressie for DH, at least he can feel included in your BV purchase! ML bags sorry to hear about the loss of your BIL's dog.
  9. I love your gorgeous wallet bunkie! :heart: The zip wallet is so pretty yet practical. I hope that it'll be my next wallet purchase. So sweet of you to include DH in your shopping excursion and the keychain is indeed very manly :yes: Your goldie is beautiful and the photo is just precious. :love:

    So sorry to hear about your loss mlbags.
  10. mlbags, sorry to hear about your BIL's Golden. I heard something about how dogs live a shorter life than humans because they make the most of every moment and in their short lives do more good to humans than humans do to each other... Also, yes I do think the zip around wallet is the absolute best for a clean look and carries a ton of stuff.
    lara0112 - thanks, and congrats on your coming baby! How exciting is that!
    ms piggy - that's right, and such great taste in women too they must have. :winkiss: I think I know what key ring you're talking about - those are quite functional! And yes I love beagles too. :yes:
    catabie - yeah my DH loves electronics too, and initially wasn't too hot about this key chain (especially he thinks the prices are a bit ridiculous "for a key chain??!?!") but with a little bit of coaxing I think he likes it now. Thanks for your comment about Walter's pic - I think I will take your suggestion and make it a wallpaper!
    kopibaby - is Coffee the one in your avatar? He's SO cute!!
    rox_rocks - thanks!! I think this is the biggest piece from BV he will ever own...
    Syma - thanks yup that's the idea ;)
    Mystiletto - thank you! The zip is VERY practical, and I do love the somewhat supple feel of the umbria leathers, I've learned to like it more and more. Thanks to you and miss piggy for reinforcing my "manly justification" of the keychain. :graucho: I'm so glad others agree!
  11. Bunkie if I could find a way to combine BV with goldens as you have, my DH would be sold on BV too! Lovely wallet and I especially love the pic of Walter in the waves :heart: Beautiful photography ~ and you must be a very proud mommy.
  12. Bunkie, I really love that keychain! Good little souvenir and a great way to subtly move hubbie into BV! Walter is such a handsome boy, and so focused on finding his ball! Ah, if only my doggie was as brave or as smart--she would have lost the ball as soon as it hit the water, and God forbid she should get her feet wet!
  13. Bunkie, that is was very sweet of you to indulge your DH in BV too. :love: Fiancee is into Tumi too, but maybe one day I might be able to convert him into having something BV too, lol. :p
  15. oh Bunkie, I so love the beefy key chain!! and the morro wallet looks yummy too.

    there's something about a dog's back... it always gives me a gentle smile... thanks for sharing the lovely pic!!