One for Asa - The wait that I call L-O-N-G

  1. It was weeks that turned to months
    And one season came and left.
    Hope ran thin, and despair soon set in
    Every week, she trawls the H store
    But not with many things that put her in awe ...
  2. yeah! yeah!

    love the vibrato...
  3. Not bad MrsS :heart:, not bad at all. You can get pretty poetic huh?
  4. :heart:(((asa))):heart:
    It's on it's way..... :yes:
  5. Mrss is not kidding. At least once, sometimes twice or even three times at the store (in my defense, I do live within walking distance). Even the maintenance people have started to say "hi."

    But today...I get a call on my cell--"Hermes"--and then it hangs up!! I SMS my SA and call him a tease. He calls back and says he has something for me. I'm no stripper, so here is Miss Ardoise Kelly Longue in Swift:
  6. Oh my gosh, Asa! Totally yummy!!
  7. A phone call came, and that renewed her hopes.
    She went to the store, we all need to stick around to find out some more ....

    Asa! I need to know!
  8. Aiyah! Me and my wrong timing!
  9. ^mrss--refresh!
  10. LOL! I'd to put Sparkles Junior to bed! Dang. Missed the timing. But at least I tried! :p
  11. LOL! Too funny, this is only something a S'porean would understand. :roflmfao:
  12. New color...soft...yummy!!!! Congratulations!!!
  13. Congrats on your gorgeous Kelly Longue :yahoo:. It has been on the back of my mind for the longest time as well (well, ok along with many other things). Any chance for some modelling pics? Btw, what's the dimensions for the Kelly Longue?


    Asa, I am so happy you brought this beauty home! Did you not feel like the Queen :queen: today?

    Adoise in Swift is beautiful! It's a great alternative to jet black, if you'd already be in all black for evening events!
    Kelly Longue Adroise in Swift.jpg
  15. ^^Thank you, AirMess. It's 16cm x 33-1/2cm (at widest point, 31cm at top) x 2-1/2cm