One final trip to the outlet...BIG SCORE!!! Check out the reveal!!!

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  1. OMG, I am completely nuts. Today is my last day of vacation in Texas and the fam was taking a nap so I thought I'd sneak out for one last quick trip to the outlet (nevermind the other 5 times I've been there this week)!! I kept thinking to myself that I was crazy the entire 15 minute drive there. But it was only 15 minutes away so not 100% crazy...

    Anyways, I walked in and straight to the back to the clearance section and what do I see on the arm of an associate walking towards me??????
  2. What??? Yay, I'm here for a reveal!!!
  3. all ready for a great reveal!
  4. In the dustbag...

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  5. Sabrina?? It looks satchely shaped.
  6. im guessing sabrina too.
  7. Here's a peak...I'm still completely excited that I found this!!

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  8. ok not a sabrina
  9. Now I have no idea. It's definitely black though. LOL
  10. I wish it was a Sabrina!! That would've been the only next best thing to this!! Although I really want the purple patent Sabrina I don't think that's hitting the outlets yet so I'll have to wait a bit longer...

    Here's some more...

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  11. I cant wait!
  12. Oh butterfly print!! More, more, more!!!!
  13. BUTTERFLY TOTE!! It was $309 with 50% off!!! They had JUST opened a box in the back and was carrying them to the register to check the price to mark the tags. They said they only got 6 and they sold out immediately to the 6 lucky people who happened to be standing right there at that moment :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  14. Now my only issue, which I know someone will help me find a solution here, is that it does not have ANY structure at all!!! I want to use this as my school bag (and I'll return the Bonnie tote) but I want some structure. I was thinking maybe a purskett or something similar - what would work best for this size of bag??

    Oh, I'm still so's SO BEAUTIFUL and I think will hold up really well since the material is slicky and will wipe right off with a cloth or baby wipe!! I LOVE IT!!!
  15. Freakin' sweet find! I so wanted a tote like that, but hubby said I couldn't pay that much for a bag to carry wet beach towels in.

    That print is so cool. Congrats!!