One fake, one real, I can't tell so help me...

  1. I never posted in Coach, frankly know nothing at all about them, I usually deal with LV but I was on a job this morning and noticed the client had a Coach bag. I complimented her on it (even though not my taste, it looked very nice on her) and after she thanked me we got into a convo about bags. She told me she got it as a gift and that it was real but then went on to add that she just bought a fake one for her daughter for a quarter of the price and went to get it to show me. I am still floored. I could not tell a bit of difference. How do you tell? I can tell with other designers that I am familliar with (most of the time, I have been duped on occassion) but not with that at all. They were the exact same size, exact same pattern, alignment, stitching (I even counted all over it), font, stamped depth, I looked and looked at all of the things that signal a fake on other bags but can't get this out of my head. If it wasn't for the contents of her bag and lack there of of the fake, I'd be lost as to which was which.
    How the heck do you tell? I mean, I am sure there are crappy fakes which are easy to spot, just as with any others...I'm just stunned...
  2. Yes, now there are many good fakes. Basically you can tell it's fake by using the "Coach drill down" to check the serial number, if it matches it is real. If that matches there is a good chance it is real (if everything else looks alright)
  3. hmm...this lady walked into my store and it was a really good fake, everything but the color itself was off - we've never made it in that color.

    but most of the time i can tell, i guess when you work around bags long enough you can tell the difference.

    i'd be interested to see those pictures of the bags if any, because i've yet to see a really good fake

    although i have seen some real bags treated super poorly, almost to a point that it makes me :crybaby:
  4. I hear about "drill down" on here a lot, what exactly is it?

    The "serial" numbers can be duped so much, i've seen fakes with just a copy of the number on the story on a real Coach so I don't think that would be the best way to tell.

    To the OP: I personally think it comes down to the make of the bag. I've seen super horrible fakes and pretty close replicas but I can usually tell with the hardware, leather, fabric and even down to the stitching.

  5. Usually when it comes down to that - if all else fails, you can sniff the bag and check if it smells like real leather. Even the fabric sig bags usually have leather trim. So if the leather smells like "glue" or some other odor then it's a fake.