One E/W black caviar with SHW left-old price

  1. My SA called tonite, one Tpfer who had one on hold has not called back., there is one more left at the old price of $1395 plus tax p.m. for info tonite or early a.m. since i am going on a trip tomorrow till Mon.:heart:H
  2. Thanks to Cristina, I already bought one! What a great price! :tup: Can't wait to get my hands on my new E/W. :nuts:
  3. One had been sold by another agent and the buyer could not still another one left but definitely last me if you want it, black caviar with SHW-old price:heart:H
  4. I would so PM you if I didn't buy a med/large black caviar recently...that is an amazing pre-inrease price!! Whoever gets it is sooo luckY!
  5. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately i don't look gd on e/w flap or else will jump over this one.
  6. I actually am holding one at another Saks. The price is 1395. Am I correct that this is the "old" price? The SA said it wasn't, but I was sure that I've seen it at Neiman's for more and that's what I've heard on this forum.
  7. Yes:heart:H
  8. What size is this? Sorry, not familiar with e/w
  9. Thanks habanerita! You've been so helpful in my latest quest! I am off to Saks Thurs. early to pick it up. Hopefully, I won't have last min. panic btwn the e/w and the regular flap!

    I may not be the best to answer your qstn. butterc530, b/c I'm fairly new to this also. But, the e/w (AKA pochette) is more rectangular than the regular classic flap, which is closer to square. You can see pics in the reference library and compare the shape w/ the m/l or small flaps. Also, the classic flap has pocket on the back, double chain (some e/w don't) and more going on inside.
  10. E/W and a Jumbo are a perfect forever combination....!:heart:H
  11. Guys....there is one orphan E/W in black caviar with Silver hardware that was not picked $1395- old price still...... Call my SA, Lazara 305-978-9927 :heart:H
  12. Hi Habanerita,

    Which store is your SA at? Thanks!
  13. My E/W finally arrived this morning! I'm lovin' her!! Can't wait to put her in action. :smile:
  14. I know I'm a bit late. But would you know if the black e/w flap is still there? I've only recently decided I want a Chanel East/West. Thanks.
  15. All E/W now have the new price of $1795 or $1750, not absolutly sure, for caviar and more for lambskin.