One difficult question for Ilovemylife...

  1. ILOVEMYLIFE (and we LOVE your life!!!:yahoo:): One difficult question for goes, there is no bag in your collection that's not, which one will be your most favorite...the one most likely that you can't live without? Have you ever thought about this question? Which one would be your favorite of all?

    I bet you it's a difficult one to answer but give it a try...ok let's benice and give you TWO choices!!! I know this is like asking a mom of 5 which ones are her favorite...but let's give it a whirl...just for fun...! I bet a lot of people would like to know which ones and why! I know the 2 I like for you but you first! :shrugs:

    We're waiting for the answer!!! And for TPFers...what would be your 2 most fave for ILML?
  2. OMG!!! You started the thread just for asking me? :amazed:

    Have I ever thought of this question? Yes I did and if I can only have one bag, it will be a birkin 30 in matte croc. I am in love with my matte anthracite birkin 30 the most. It can match with so many things and I am in love with matte croc in a birkin more than in a kelly. And I love shiny croc in kelly more than in a birkin. (if I have to choose)

    And if I can have 2 bags???? the second one will be another matte croc birkin 30 in rouge H. I used to not like rouge H and I thought it was kind of older looking but I changed my mind totally. The color is gorgeous and it's not old but classic and also versatile. Birkin size 30 is best for me. It's just the perfect size not too big not too small.

    What are the two bags you'd like for me to have? :smile:

    Thank you very much petpringles. :smile:
  3. I really knew you would say that, ILML!!!!
    those are two really stunning bags, they really are! I totally agree that the matte is fantastic in the birkin, and the shiny in the kelly...

    But, as we all know, I am all I will have to choose another....
    your barenia and vert clair are:love: for me....
  4. What a stunning collection you have ILML! Enjoy every piece!
  5. ILML! Those of my two fave bags from your collection too! And you know why, right? :p
  6. ILML,

    You certainly picked the most classic and versatile bags in your collection as your favourites. Both are beauties that will last you a lifetime.

    Of your collection, my two favourites are also your matte rouge H birkin and one that is technically not in your collection... your friend's beloved matte olive kelly...
  7. Have we seen any group shots from ILML so far?

    I love how we get to participate in helping pick an outfit. It's just too fun.

    Thanks petpringles for this thread, and thanks ilovemylife for inspiring us.

  8. I Got ONE right!!! That's good for a guy...the Rouge H Croc! One of your last postings! That Rouge H croc is HOT!!! I got the other one wrong...I thought you would say the Black croc, btw, what color is anthracite? Isn't that black as well...there's a Mercedes Benz color like that a few years ago and it was blackish in a way. How about a picture of your 2 fave! ILML...thanks for being a wife said everyone here would love to go through your closet!

    I saw you have this one (I thought you'd pick)...this and your Rouge H croc 30!:tup:

    My wife's been hinting for a croc...she's ready for it...I an NOT$$$$!!!!! SMILES! Maybe her next life or next husband! She's got a heavy life insurance on me! Betcha she'll buy that croc before she pays out for my funeral expenses! Morbid but funny!!! I crack myself up! HA HA HA!!!

  9. i also love ILML's matte graphite 30cm. the best too!!!

  10. This made me smile on a not very nice day for me, what a lovely person you are!
    For me

    It would be, one of the birdy bags

  11. oh to be a fly in your purse closet, my dear...:girlsigh:
  12. Rouge H Matte croc is stunning -- this is the bag that turned me around on matte croc.
  13. Glad you started this thread petpringles, I've been wanting to ask ILML this question too:flowers:.
  14. Oh, I truly, truly LOVE ilml's Rouge H matte croc birkin!!
  15. ILML - the best collection so far. clothes and bags, he he.