One day only 25% off @

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  2. T4p!:smile:
  3. Thanks so much! I finally got that Andrea Breuckner Medium Saddle Bag I wanted!! I was watching it on and it never went down by 25% (or at all lol)! Thanks! No tax and freeshipping - sounds good to me. LOL..makes up for losing that quilted MJ hobo I lost out on at almost does LOL!!
  4. How did you get free shipping? Do you have another code for that?
  5. Nope any orders over $200 the shipping is free!:yahoo:
  6. Well, I almost used this code to buy an emerald Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag. I managed to refrain, though. :sad: Thanks anyway!
  7. Wow, you got a great deal, lovekoobabags! Glad somebody used it!!