One day in Paris - my first Goyard purchase - a tie

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  1. Hello,

    Let me introduce myself to the Goyard Forum, i post the most on the Louis Vuitton forums. because i've collected ties only from the brand Louis Vuitton. my name is Ron, i'm from the Netherlands.

    Yesterday i was in Paris for one day, so i decided to go to Goyard, at first it was not in the planning. but i've put on my google maps and typed in Goyard, and i saw it was a few minutes walk from where i was at that moment.

    I did not saw the big Goyard Store, i saw the smaller one first, this one was special for dog accessories and men collections. i did not know if they make ties at goyard, so i asked, and she said there was one, it was the last one they have., she was very friendly btw :smile:, al the staff was very friendly :cool:

    because this is the purse forum, i will tell the price, if anyone else wanted to buy one. it was 180 euro's, i think its perfectly priced, for the info, i always thought the card casses where the cheapest to get from goyard, there is a lot more to buy under the 200 euro's maybe i helped someone else with this information :smile:

    What i saw in a quick view, there was a nice looking dog whistle with a leather cord for 160 euro. just for the info.

    Here is the picture of the tie i've purchased yesterday. now my collection is complete.
  2. Hi there Ron! Welcome on the Goyard forum and great to see a fellow Dutchie on here! :biggrin:

    I never knew that Goyard made ties! Love this piece, very elegant and clean, yet very recognisable because of the small 'y'. Congrats on your first Goyard item and I hope that there are many more to come. :smile:
  3. Fantastic find. It's a rarity for sure.
  4. Thanks :smile:

    It's a pity goyard is so far away from the netherlands. they have great stuff, would love to buy more from this brand in the future. is it possible to order via email and letting it shipped to my country?