One Day Hermes Sale in Toronto tomorrow!

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  1. I am hopping on a plane tomorrow morning and going to Toronto!! :yahoo:

    Hermes is having a one day sale!! There is going to be scarves, ties, SOME handbags and small leather goods!!!! 40 - 60% off!! I can't wait!! I will let you know tomorrow!
  2. That is some dedication right there! :p

    I hope you find some goodies to bring home! :smile:
  3. Damn, is the sale tomorrow? I won't be in Toronto until next month....

    Good luck, let us know what you find!
  4. Wait, please, give me details! July 19? Where is the exact location of the store?
  5. is it happening in Vancouver location as well?
  6. :tup:Can you show us what kind of stuff you bought? And give us a description of the stuff they had?

  7. Classic scarves will be $ 200, belts $ 100 & select handbags, small leather goods
  8. Wow, i didn't even know Hermes had sales! Have fun!
  9. I'm going today at 4, but everything will probably be gone
  10. Wow...good luck and please show us what you get!!
  11. what kind of belts were available!! Those are such good prices!!!!
  12. It was great from a scarf perspective - THOUSANDS of scarves (I bought two) but my flight had to be diverted to Pearson because of the fog, and then we were bussed back downtown so I arrived 1.5 hours later than expected. There were no bags when I got there! Some blankets and towels, a few belts (one really nice skinny one that someone grabbed just before me). Oh well, went to HR and got a really nice Hogan bag for ($980 down to $389) (they marked it down further as I was picking it up - bonus). That made the trip worthwhile and I do love my scarves!!:nuts:
  13. shame for once NYC is not the place to be :s
  14. agreed, the sale was decent. by the time I got there they had no black scarves left, which is what I want. Instead I picked up a navy and gold print and a cream and purple print for a co-worker. They had no purses when I was there, but tons of small leather goods and one belt bag, which was tagged at $717 CDN. The regular scarves were each $200, the smaller ones were $150 and the cashmere/silk ones were $250. I don't know if I would go again but this trip was worth it.
  15. this sounds like a great sale. Hope you get lots of goodies.