One day a day...but which day?

  1. I really want to try out the day, and since I really would like a "lighter" bag I am thinking about greige or naturel or something ivory/offwhite...
    Right now I think I wouldn't be able to choose the greigetone anymore (more beige or more gray). Naturel will be more on the beige side but I do have the caramel !

    Or should I simply get a black day :confused1: :shrugs: ?
  2. awwww, i thought you already got your light b bags? :graucho:
    like i said on ur other thread, i say you should get a brighter striking day :P
  3. i have a BI day and i love the bright striking color of it, i think it 'works' with the kind of freewheelin' style of the bag itself.

    but there was a super pale pink day on ebay recently that looked awesome, and i was drooling over that. if it were not for the potential yellowing issue with the super pale colors, i might have gotten that instead of the BI.

    so i'm really no help. palest pink or bright greenish-blue, talk about different ends of the spectrum. there is a black day on ebay right now if you want to see pictures of how it might look. :yes:
  4. I just bought a pale pink day on EBay. It arrived and it's beautiful. I know the color might shift (and the mirror is slightly darker than the bag already), but that's OK with me.

    I really like the Day style. I bought an ink Day from a PFer and it was very easy to carry.
  5. I'm a sucker for black. Saw one on a girl in NYC yesterday, it looked so elegant and casual and comfy! made me want to sprint to the Bal boutique.
    Then again, our very own Firstclass has an 05 Teal hobo on ebay right now - one of my all-time fave colors, and she's in Europe, which simplifies things for you ;)

  6. I do have a rouge vif city and I might get a bleu de france just for fun but right now I want a "lighter" color.:yes: I know I'm bad...

    marae thanks I can get a brand new day via a nice retailer in my area in greige , or black, would have to wait for naturel...
    I think the pale rose looks nicer in the city but I just hate how it turned so yellow!
  7. Cat, if you want a lighter color Day from Fall 2006, you should go for the Greige, (or how about Lilac from Spring if you can find one?:yes: otherwise i would wait for 2007 colors.:love:
  8. Greige is gorgeous. I would say greige. It's not as light as the natural but it's so beautiful.:yes:
  9. hello .. can someone post a picture?

  10. Lilac sounds intresting too, but I think I would wear greige more but wasn't there an issue with greige turning yellow I don't know if I'm just paranoid or if there was already a problem.
    I really don't want a pale "dirtyyellow" bag...:throwup:
  11. Yes:yes: i did read some where in this forum that Greige changes color. I have the Box in Lilac and i love it. Good luck Cat, let us know if you need help again.:heart:
  12. Greige and Black Day's

  13. Both are gorgeous! are 2 bags in the budget? :graucho:
  14. I also think the day looks good in bright colors - it goes with the style of the bag. I would also really worry about the handles darkening on a lighter bag and the rubbing on your jeans. I would wait for spring colors!
  15. GREIGE!!!!

    i'm all about greige these days haha :smile: