one crazy fact about yourself...

  1. i cannot stand the smell of buttered popcorn. it makes me physically ill. i have to leave the room when someone makes it and can't even sit next to someone eating it. needless to say, i walk very fast through movie theater lobbies. :smile:

    what's something weird about you?
  2. I cant stand gum poppers and food smackers. Makes me loose my mind!
  3. I associate people with movie/book characters (mostly Disney these days :lol:), things or .... foods! :shocked:

    Hehe, so I work with Tinkerbell, Dingo, Pinocchio and the Big Bad Wolf :yes: Just to name a few :amuse:
  4. Sitting in a movie theatre and LISTENING to people CHOMP, SLURP and SMACK on popcorn. candy, whatever...the noise drives me into next week. ...(close your eyes sometime and just listen...its disgusting):sad:
  5. I have stuck a needle through my eye (like that nursery rhyme) -- a sewing accident.
  6. I am a professional/celebrity Dominatrix
  7. that is so so cool. :shame: i always thought that would be a really fun job, but it doesn't really fit my personality. :smile::angel:
  8. Umm...I can fit a whole popsicle into my mouth (usually, anyway...depends on the size):angel:
  9. omg that IS crazy!!!!!!!!!! hahhhaa
  10. hmm. Hard to find something about myself that people don't already know. .... hmmm.. i'll have to get back to this. lol.
  12. ok iono if this is crazy.. but here's a weird fact:

    i don't like onions. not so weird right? but this is where it gets weird: i don't like onions if i have the choice of getting onions. if it's already "premixed" or chopped and in the food, then i'll eat it, no point in wasting time to pick it out. However, grilled onions, whether a choice to add it or if it's already in the food, then I will eat. raw onions = no. Doesn't matter.. green, red, purple, if it's un-grilled I won't eat it. even sauteed onions i won't eat.
  13. Wooowooo RESPECT :sneaky:
  14. I can count with my toes...and pick things up with them quite well
    I bet I could draw with them if I tried, but haven't yet!
  15. I cannot wear watches, as they stop working after a day or two. I have tried all kinds, wind-up, quartz, digital, they all stop. I can cary one in my bag, though.:biggrin: