One coupon sold for over $200??? Really????

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  1. This is a mystery to me. Can someone explain to me what went on in this auction? The seller said they were selling one coupon, that has a value of $5.99. Yet it was bid to over $200.

    Of course I think this seller must have had a few hundred of them, but no mention of that was made in the ad. What did I miss in the copy, that would lead me to believe more than one coupon was offered. There has to be a hint somewhere or why would all those bids have come in? LOL!

    I've never seen anything like this. I know coupons are sold on ebay, but this auction is beyond the norm. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks :biggrin:

    Oh, I am not the seller nor the buyer. But i just don't understand this auction, was something underhanded going on?
  2. My guess? 99.99999% chance that the private bidding is hiding shill bidding. There's no way this seller is selling an item worth a maximum of $4 for that price.
  3. This is really, really strange. I don't understand it either. I smell shill bidding as well. There's no way someone sane would bid that much on a $6 coupon unless of course they're trying to help the seller in this case: shill bidding.
  4. And unless there's something shady going on, there's no valid reason for private bidding. It's not as though the seller has sex toys or fetish items.
  5. This is just crazy. Something wrong is going on here. I wonder what they are really selling, I have never seen anything like this.

    But even if it was shilling, I can't seriously believe anyone would pay that price. There has to be something else going on here.
  6. Some of seller's completed listings are a bit shady also. One is a coupon for a free 2 litre bottle of soda that sold for about $45.! Has anyone figured out WTH is going on? I wonder what they actually are selling!
  7. that's my thought as well, even if it's shilling what sane bidder would get into a bidding war over a $5 coupon? there is definitely something going first thought is that it's something illegal but then again I watch too much CSI!!!
  8. But... if there was something illegal going on, why would they make it so obvious? XD
  9. weird
  10. interesting how most of her auctions are private so you don't know how much they sold for...
    maybe i need to be selling coupons on ebay haha i didn't know they had such a high profit margin hahaha
  11. What are they sellin?:lol::lol:
    Surely, something shady is going on. Is coupon a new code name for drugs or counterfeit money?:lol::lol:
  12. Do you think they are selling some kind of drugs and the coupons are code words for that?? Seriously, what else could they be selling that someone would pay 200 for a $5 coupon??
  13. I'm kinda thinking it may be! lol :police:
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