One couch changes my whole decorating....

  1. I have been trying to start decorating this house the way I want to and not the way the people who used to live here did.:yahoo: So I was going to a shabby chic pottery barn clean and uncluttered beach look. I painted the living room walls pink (yes pink) and put up tall white plantation shutters--which look great. Painted all the trim white. Bought a stunning green wicker rocker and chaise lounge with a green floral cushions. Bought 2 white sea side type tables. Was looking for a white slip covered couch..... had the look in my mind.....
    :wtf: Then hubby decides we should get a nice leather couch. OK, I like leather. So we go look. We buy a beautiful leather couch in a dark brown leather. The couch is so comfortable and really nice looking. So now it's back to square one. Forget the pink paint with leather..... Need new paint for the walls. Then we go out today and buy 2 really comfortable chairs in a thick wicker weave over the chair frame--with big tan cushions. The chairs are really a perfect match with the leather. So the green chairs will go to another part of the house. I bought a craftsman style large cabinet for my bedroom or hall but have decided to put this in the living room. Now I need to get my 2 pottery barn cube tables and repaint them (what color?) to go in the living room. I have a side table or two that may work. Next it is on to pictures. My Susan Rios beach prints won't work out, my fairy watercolor prints I collected will not do. So I saw some posters by Fabrice DeVilleneuve that will look stunning. I have some custom Laura Ashley drapes in a tan floral design in my closet that I never used that would work on 2 windows besides the cabinet. Then I went to Pier One imports and bought some accent things today. I have been reading FengShui books and am not trying to declutter and make my house very calm and tranquil. :idea: So by buying this one couch it has now changed the whole design look of my first floor. I guess it is time to have a large garage sale and get rid of all the stuff I do not need. I was impressed with Pier One and some of the unique vases and things that felt very FengShui to me. :yes:
    So am I crazy or has anyone just totally changed the way they decorated or wanted to decorate???? I do feel the room will come together quite well and I still need to take the wallpaper off my kitchen and paint the foyer so that is going to be a blank canvas to do.
    The I was in Tuesday Morning today and they had every book made by Pottery Barn, you know "Pottery Barn Bathrooms, ect...." but the one book they did not have was Pottery Barn living rooms, that would have helped me so much.
    Just need to vent.:okay:
  2. This is why my house still looks like when I first moved in!! I see a piece of furniture that I really like and then plan the design around it, then find something else and it won't match and I have to rethink everything all over again. You're not alone!! I'm a designer so I'm into a LOT of looks and I just can't make up my mind. The irony of it all huh? LOL

    The current look is a big deep red wall to hang my art nouveu prints of several operas I love. Go with dark wood furniture and old-lady flowery prints in dark colours and maybe some gold thrown in. Just last month I wanted to go country-house with lots of yellows and greens and white. Go figure!
  3. Hmm... sounds like I need to get on the ball with my decorating! You really put a lot of good effort into making your home. Great job!
  4. I am also a designer, and it seemed easier to make up my mind when I wasn't. After learning how much was really out there, I just can't seem to make up my mind. One day I want light wood furniture the next day cherry wood, one day modern the next day country. And I can't make each room different because then I feel there is no flow.

    What I do is just buy neutral color furniture, and accents that have a pop of color. That way its easier to change the look of a room, by simply replacing a few easy pieces.