One color, head to toe.

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  1. Do you think wearing one color head to toe (other than black) is overkill? Or do you think it's okay as long as they're all different shades?

    Example: brown sweater, brown leggings, brown boots.
  2. i've never been fond of wearing one colour head to toe...
    i can't even stand wearing black head to toe (unless its a black dress and black boots/sandals)
    but i guess i'm just weird
  3. I think that different shades of the same color can look really great. Deep brown cords, for example, with a camel colored sweater and brown boots could look nice. Meanwhile, head to toe monocromatic raspberry might be too much, but subtle shadings of blue, brown, cream, or grey work really well, imo:smile:
  4. the exact same color is a no no to me...
    except maybe black, sometimes i wore my black skinny jeans with black top and black coat but i'll also accesorize with gold necklaces...
  5. I couldn't imagine wearing only one color unless it was black, until I read this insightful comment:

  6. I also don't think wearing one color head to to other than black is flattering or white in the summer I can wear a white dress and white sandals but i think i add accessories with a hint of silver or gold !
  7. I also agree with most, the same color from head to toe is OVER KILL! Im not too fond of wearing the same color but different shades. To me, matchy matchy in color is just not me.

    Im sure other people can pull it off way better then I can though.
  8. I do it all the time. I love it. I do it with grey, brown and navy as well as black, and I think it looks great. It looks slimming no matter what color you choose, because you are creating one long line. Especially if it's a dark color.

    I then add accessories (shoes, bag etc) in a color that complements whatever clothing color I'm wearing. For example, with a head-to-toe navy outfit I might do camel accessories.
  9. No for me unless its all black or all white. :smile:
  10. I love this look - saw alot of it in Paris, in rich colors especially chocolate brown and black. If the items are cut well and you have great accessories its amazing.
  11. I think it's OK, but there have to be significant details on the pieces ^^^^
  12. i like all black, but couldn't pull off any other colour head to toe
  13. If you are wearing different shades you will be fine, I do this with brown..
    here a pic
  14. Only if it's a very dark color or black. Otherwise it's too cartoon-y, stiff and forced, IMO.
  15. Nope. Only if its black or white. But in those instances I might add an acessory to "spark" it up!.