One Classic or Two Flirty?


One Classic or Two Flirty?

  1. Chanel Med Classic Flap in Black Caviar

  2. Pomme Roxbury + Black Montaigne Clutch

  3. Pomme Roxbury+ W MC Shirley

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  1. OK, this handbag purchase could be the very last one for this year, as I am only one purchase away from reaching the max limit of my annual purse fund budget:crybaby:

    Despite my handbag collection, I am still missing that all-purpose "Black Purse". Naturally, Chanel's Med Classic Flap in Caviar came on mind(had in Lambskin, exchange it for Jumbo for Granny's B-day gift) however it's price tag(1800)can also satisfy two flirty LV from my wish list-Pomme Roxbury + Montaigne Clutch/or MC Shirley. What should I do?

    I am worry if I don't get the Chanel now, I can't afford it later at current price incline rate. But then I might missed out on the Pomme Roxbury too, aaggrrrrh, soo torn!:crybaby:

    Chanel Med Classic Flap in Black Caviar=Forever CLASSIC!
    Pomme Roxbury=Sexy Beast!
    Montaigne Clutch=Sporty Elegant, quite a 'transformer'!
    W MC Shirley=Who don't need this?
  2. Get the Rox and Shirley!!!!
  3. i'll go for chanel.
  4. Yeh I think I'd agree with the Chanel in this case, it's obviously something you really want, and you never know they might be something better in pomme only around the corner
  5. u got me! It's that thought of 'what if' got me:sweatdrop:
  6. Pomme Roxbury + Black Montaigne Clutch!!
  7. i like small black bags..i'll have to pick montaigne clutch and roxbury in pomme for some sexiness! [​IMG]
  8. IF i get the Chanel, it would complete my tiny but core Chanel collection-Black PST, White GST, Bubble gum Pink Caviar Chanel Med Classic Flap :blush:
    But Pomme is soo sexy, sigh.:sad:
  9. I would go for the classic chanel..I am all about keeping it simple and classic. And as others have said, something better may come along in the pomme.
  10. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. hm, there are also a lot of black epi bags. you can then get one classic and one flirty =]
  12. I think I'd go for the chanel.. :shame:
  13. As much as I love Chanel, I stay pretty faithful to LV.
  14. i'd go for the chanel. it's just such an expensive bag, so if you have the money now and are afraid you may not have that money later on.. i would get the chanel now

    good luck making your decision!
  15. Oh, tough choice! :sweatdrop: I can't make up my mind too, don't know which to vote on the poll.

    I think for me, I know that Chanel would last longer as it is so classic, never get out of trend and all, but pomme is so gorgeous! :love: And as for shirley, I always think it's the best thing to get if you want a little something from mc since the mc cles can't put in much.

    I think I'm just stating out the obvious here and not much of help. :p