One cat or two cats? Help me decide!!

  1. Hi!
    Is a lot of trouble to have two indoor cats? :confused1: I'm thinking about getting an Himalayan and an American shorthair (silver tabby) but I'm not sure about it. My husband told me if I toilet train the first one I can get the second:rolleyes: . There's a book with all the steps required to toilet train the cat,actually going to the humans toilet.

    Advice, pleeease!
  2. I have a friend who has four cats. It seems nice that she has more than one cat because they all keep company to each other. On the other hand, I have another friend who has only one cat--she does mention that her cat is almost all the time alone (although, she works two jobs). I'm not sure about toilet training cats, though. Hopefully, the cat experts will give you advice.:smile:
  3. Two cats, definitely. They bond with each other and keep each other company. It helps if at least one of them is young when you get them, so there is not competition. We got a Himilayan kitten when we had a Maine Coon adult, and we have had the Himi for about five years now and still our Maine Coon grooms him and they play. We have more cats since we moved out of the City, and they love to play and chase around the house.
  4. The more the merrier IMO.I have 8 total and with the exception of Madame Fifi, they were acquired in groups of two or more (litter-mates). The last two, brothers Clarence and Cosmo, play and sleep together and are great company for eachother.
  5. Two cats will be company for one another. Never heard of them using humans toilets though, interesting :roflmfao:
  6. I have two cats and they get along very well. They are good company for one another.
  7. We have two Sphynx Cats and just added a regular shorthair just today. I think for sure three is my limit. But its nice to have more then one, they do derive alot of companionship with each other.
  8. Thanks for all the good tips!
  9. My little girl is used to being one and all the attention she gets around that, but in general, I think it's a good idea to have two cats to keep each other company - especially when they're indoor cats. Anyways, good luck with your desicion and the toilet training :smile:
  10. I agree. My cats are from the same litter. I adopted them at the same time, so they've grown up together :smile: They get along well. Sometimes they play fight, but they keep each other company. I'm so glad I adopted both of them :love:
  11. if you get them at the same age then go for it, otherwise I would not. I have a 3 yr.old tabby and last summer I adopted a 6mon old from the pound and it did not work out. my 3yr. hated the new cat so my sister took in the new cat.
  12. I agree with more the merrier! But I also agree with LVobsessed415. I have 5 cats, which 4 of them were adopted when they were kittens. Two of them were littermates and were hand-raised by me, and they are always together. The 5th one probably came from a single-cat household since she does not like the company of other cats, only humans. More cat you have, you will start to see some cat society.
    As for toilet training, even if you start at the age of kittenhood, it is hit or miss. If you are going to get two cats, think about the rule of litterbox: # of cats + 1.
  13. We've got 2 indoor cats, a mother and her baby. Obviously they were both litter tray trained when we got them but there are a million helpful books out there for just about any cat problem you can think of!
    Good luck with your new kitties :yes:
  14. Some cats are very jealous and don't like other cats. My mom's cat came from a multiple cat household, and she didn't let the other cats hanging out with each other, she would banish them each to a seperate room of the house. Now that she is living with us the cats from the original house all sleep together. She is much happier as an, "only child". DH and I have a cat and a dog, but unfortunately they don't play together. My pup (she's full grown and 6pnds) is too hyper for our cat, and our cat is a COMPLETE antisocial. We can't even hold her, which is the opposite of my mother's cat, who ASKS TO BE PICKED UP AND CARRIED AROUND! Before you get another cat, be honest with yourself about your cat's temperment. My pup would love another companion (cat or dog) who is friendlier, but we will wait to get another until we move.
  15. BTW, I would LOVE one more cat and one more dog. But we will wait until we move into a bigger house, where everyone will have more room. Humans included!