One BV to be delivered today and already ordered a duplicate in another color

  1. *BOTH* my computer monitors (one at work, one laptop) aren't great at displaying colors accurately.

    I am expecting a BV in noce (I believe) today... but I think it may be too light for my preference.

    So I just ordered this BV in a darker brown (ebano? can anyone help specify the official color) in the hopes that it'll be what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll keep both!!

  2. Ooh Many Congrats Intlset, the BV bug is working it's magic. The first bag is the noce pyramid which is a tan colour there are some great pics of the noce pyramid in the style reference library (courtesy of pfrm member Jane). My friend has a noce montaigne which she seriously abuses and the colour has held up surprisingly well with only some darkening around the handles. The second bag is a moro pyramid, which is a very deep bitter chocolate, this will be a great fuss free every day bag.
  3. ^^^
    Thanks, Syma. I wish I could see these colors accurately on my screen. The second bag actually looks BLACK on my computer screen. I think the noce will end up being lighter than I hoped for.
  4. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the noce when it arrives, IntlSet. I think it is a lovely colour (the colour of my beagles' ears...) and much richer in depth than I expected based on pictures I had seen before I received it IRL. I also predict you end up keeping them both!!
  5. Intlset, I love my noce tote and use it during the spring and summer months when I put my black bags away for a rest. It's a great color to pair with jeans, navy and black linens and khakis.
  6. LLANeedle makes a really good point about noce - it goes really well with BOTH black and navy, which you can't say about a lot of other colours!
  7. IntlSet,
    both colours are georgeous!
    keep both! :p
  8. hey intlset your strayed from chanel is see :lol:

    HONESTLY, I was convinced I would be disappointed by the color. BookerMoose, you are SO RIGHT, "noce" as variation of color and depth -- it looks rich and luxurious. I am thrilled with it.

    Now I'm scared I'll also have to keep the darker brown bag that comes.

    I LOVE the pyramid shape. I was a little disappointed not to get the Sloane, but the Pyramid is much more structured than I expected, which is great. As of now, I don't own a single unstructured bag (they're all stiff Chanels!).

    I will take pics when I get home tonight.

    Thank you ladies for all your words of advice!
  10. I'm glad you're so excited!! I'd expect the pyramid will slouch and become less structured, pretty much every woven BV does.

    there is no turning back, consider yourself warned :sneaky:
  11. Both colors are divine. Lucky girl!!!
  12. [​IMG]

    Sorry my armchair is so dirty -- it used to be beautiful but my cat loves to sleep on it.

    Thank you for allowing me to share!
  13. I love, love, love the Moro! Noce is always nice, but that dark, dark brown is so rich. Tough decision!
  14. Looks lovely! Congrats IntlSet!!
  15. I'd have to keep both. You know, no one can love them like you will, right? ;)