One Black Cerf with Gold CC's available at Saks

  1. There were 2, but one already went to a lovely tpfer. It is being held for me in case anyone in the TPF is still looking for the black Cerf with gold CC's.
    P.M. if you want the SA's information.:heart:H
  2. how much was it
  3. I think they're going for $1850'ish??
  4. They are $1895.00. Thanks Christina.
  5. It's 1850 at SCP boutique.
  6. mine was 1850 today at Saks. 2000 with tax, stupid tax.
  7. She told me $1895, hope she was wrong.
  8. I bought mine at Sak's at the last EGC event and paid NO tax - woohoo! - AND used a $300 GC so I got a GREAT deal on my Cerf :tup:
  9. Why didn't you have to pay tax? Can I learn the secret please. lol.
  10. Sina, I believe if you are having it shipped to another State from where you bought it and there is no Saks in your state you do not pay tax., correct me if I am wrong someone!-The price, I have seen it for $1895 for quite a while, but if it is $1850 any little bit helps.

  11. I did have it shipped from another state but I DO have a Sak's in my state also ... I think if you do not live within a certain mile radius of a Sak's and have it shipped from an out of state one there is no tax, something like that.
    I bought mine in April and it was $1850 still

    Hope this helps!