one bag this year...


Jan 9, 2010
DH has said i can have 1 bag this year...
so i am thinking about the SBS as i love wearing bags cross body and i think it looks like it maybe a better quality leatherwise then the alexa (i know these have been hit and miss and i am in australia so dont really want to take the risk ordering an alexa online)
can anyone remember if the sbs was going to come in chocolate? or ust plain oak? i vaguely remember seeing it on a thread somewhere but it's not on the mulb website anywhere


lab rat
Jan 7, 2011
It was me who contacted M to ask about forthcoming SBSs. Here's the reply I received:-

Dear Elaine,
Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that the Small Bayswater Satchel will be available in the following leathers and colours:

Catwalk Collection
Red Onion

Natural Leather – Black, Oak and Chocolate
Croc Nappa – Birds Nest
Giant Sparkle – Mole Grey

These will be available to purchase from May.

Dont know if anything is subject to change, though. There hasn't been any in the coming soon section on .com yet. Also I'm a bit apprehensive as to what their prices are going to be.:smile:


Jan 9, 2010
thanks for that armcandy3
i knew there had been a thread saying what was going to be coming this year
i REALLY want an oak one but cos i dont mummy my bags very well i think i will have to get a choco one
it would be good if they were less then 640 pounds so i dont have to pay import duty!


May 3, 2011

My first bag will also be a SBS but it's May already and I'm wondering if they will release them on one day or intersperse them throughout the month. It seems like a lot of options to drop in one month!

I wish they did a twitter feed so I could subscribe and just be notified instead of waking up each day and checking.


May 5, 2011
SBS is cute, but I have an Alexa.
I got mine from a Mulberry discount shop, and it was only there because of the TINIEST mark, which can never be seen anyway.
Alot of my friends have Alexas and they've all been great.
I know you're basically decided on SBS but it's a shame you've heard hit and miss reviews about the Alexas.

And PeanutB- there is an unofficial twitter feed for Mulberry bags (@MulberryBags) which come out with good updates sometimes.