One bag per print?? WWYD

  1. I have a question that maybe you all can help me figure out.

    I'm trying to stick with the one print/one bag "rule". And as I'm realizing, I would also like to stick to one bag style if that makes any sense at all.

    So far I have:
    Paradiso BV
    AS MM
    Spiaggia Campeggio

    My aunt just bought a Trasporto Zucca for me, I haven't gotten it yet since we live a ways apart but I also have a Vacanze Zucca on pre-order at Pulse.

    For those of you that try to do the one print/one bag you have a lot of duplicate bag styles?? I personally like the tote styles the best especially the MM but seeing as how they don't make it for the mainland I don't want to pay super inflated eBay prices. Should I not get the Vacanze in a Zucca?? Or have my aunt return the Trasporto (she did get a pretty good deal on it)?

    I was the crazy woman that was considering a bambinone or a gioco for the Vacanze...should I get one of those styles instead of the Vacanze. It's so hard for me to decide when I can't see any of these bags in person. My aunt told me she felt the gioco was very fashionable but not very functional...and she didn't really like it stuffed...she called it a shoebox with handles. I dunno I'm conflicted and am not sure what to do. I even thought of just cancelling the pre-order altogether but Casey would probably ban me from Pulse at that point. I'm definitely more a tote bag/hobo/messenger type. I never really had any cute "fashionable" purse styles before. Which is why I am hesitant to try a gioco.

    Sorry for all babble...I'm just not sure what to do. HELP PLEASE!!
  2. hi-5 on totes, i :heart: them too..
    as for your transporto zucca, i think if you like the print you should keep it.. maybe you can go down to store to try on zucca and gioco :idea: so you will also know whether to keep your vacanze preorder.. you are lucky to got it preordered.. i was late and now under waitlist with Casey :sad:
    and about gioco, yes, it looks funny when stuffed, but with 'just nice' fill it looks nice on shoulder.. i always got compliments from my friends when carry gioco.. and it's my DH's fave style among toki's *LOL* :yes:
    you may want to try stellina, i find it very practical.. little risky on placement though..
    whatever your decision is, hope you are happy with your choice :smile:
  3. I so wish I had a store near me that had tokis to look at and try on.

    I'm thinking that one bag per print is hard enough that maybe trying to stick to one bag style/one bag/one print is too hard to do when you know how much is out there.

    *sigh* I dunno. Thanks for your input though...I'm leaning towards keeping both zuccas since I do like hobos and a zucca is very close to a hobo style.
  4. I think you should definitely keep both Zuccas if you like the Zucca style. Vacanze looks amazing on the Zucca. :tup:

    I have 4 Giocos because I love them so I definitely think it's fine to have the same style bag in different prints. :p
  5. Well I am a fan of Zuccas and I dont go by that 1 print per 1 bag style rule. I have 3 Zuccas, 5 Campeggios, 3 Ciao Ciaos, and 3 BVs. I just stick to what I like. I personally think that Vacanze looks tdf on Zuccas. :drool:.. I am not a fan of Gioco and I have tried to like it... mmm if you really want to stick to that rule. I think Trasporto looks really cute on Stellina and since its such a small print you get the whole print on the bag. :yes: Oh you just can forget about that rule.. And just buy what you like..:p
  6. All my bags are different prints & styles (except OP - I have a Bella Bella & Stellina) currently, but I want to get another BV (I have one in Pirata) in Vacanze, I think. I think it's ok to repeat a style you love in another print. :yes:
  7. i dont see whats so bad about keeping multiple bags of the same style. i love zuccas so i will buy them anytime i get the chance...

    however i'm a little iffy on keeping multiple bags of the same print. i love love LOVE inferno... i had a bambinone, buon viaggio, and zucca. i let go of the bambinone and the bv though... because as much as i'd love collecting all the styles of inferno that i like, its really not practical for me... so basically i just collect them, then when a better one comes along i sell it xD
  8. It depends, I have a l'amore bv in the mail, and I'm getting a transporto one tomorrow simply because I need a zip tote, and I don't think that the transporto will look great in the spring (I need this style year-round), so I also got a l'amore which will probably be used year round. Anyway, I do stick to styles that I like, so I'll probably end up with another zucca (inferno), and a bella or bella bella in op because I love those styles, and I don't see a point in owning a 3rd bv, but having another zucca or bella is fine.
  9. I have tried to make rules for myself about how many per style/print but I just can't. I just go by what deals I can find. Once I get a bag in a particular print, I tend to start to like the print more and want maybe a few more bag styles in that print. I am carrying a tutti gioco now and I totally want a nuvola now in the same print. So much for one bag per print.
  10. I just broke my one large bag per print rule. I have a BV Tutti, but I saw a Zucca Tutti with great print placement on eBay for $135 and I couldn't resist. It's fun to break rules :yes:
  11. I try to have a nice variety of styles but to be honest, there aren't many styles that I acutally like so I've ended up with a few that were the same style. I don't mind having a few in the styles I really like when the prints are so different. I try not to get too many of the same prints because I have a harder time justifying that to myself whereas if the bag style is the same, it's because it's nice to use and practical.
  12. Yeah I broke my rule of one bag per print...and now looking at all the bags I have, I realized I ended up sticking to the styles I liked: BV, MM, Ciaos, Bellas, Bambinones...stuff like that. It's nice I realize to have bags in different prints but in styles I like...cuz small things like bocces or dolces I would never use and would just end up being collection piece.