One Bag or Two???

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  1. Hi all! I am planning to make an LV purchase at Saks some time this week and I am terribly torn about which way to go. Here are my thoughts: I am prepared to spend the $$$ for a Trevi PM, as it just seems so classy and timeless, but for the same price I could get a Thames PM (anyone know why the changed the name from Tate?) AND an azur Speedy 25 for about the same price. OR, I could get the Galliera PM in azur with a small matching wallet.

    At the moment my every day bag is a light grey Balenciaga Pom Pom, which has some similarities to the Galliera in color and shape (slouchy shoulder bag). I also have an old Tikal in mono that I use when I go out casually sans kids, and I am expecting to receive a damier ebony Speedy 25 that I just won on ebay today or tomorrow.

    So what would you do? One bag or two? If two, which two?
  2. id opt for the azur speedy!! speedy is so classic!!
  3. I think I would prefer the Trevi PM, or the Galleria with a small matching wallet. But my #1 choice would be the Trevi, I :heart: that bag
  4. Thanks for the input already! BTW, if anyone has pictures holding any of these bags or with them next to each other I would love to see!!
  5. Trevi PM -- gorgeous bag!!
  6. Trevi PM
  7. Galliera and a wallet
  8. i love the trevi! if you like it you should just buy that bag, because i think u'll still want it after buying some other bag.

    but i also like the galleria azur too!
  9. i can see why you're torn. i would have a tough time deciding as well. i think i would either go with the trevi or the galliera with a SLG.....i guess my vote goes for the galliera and SLG.
  10. Galleria with a vernis ZCP
  11. if you are in lvoe with trevi - go for it!!
  12. I would stick with the trevi!!
  13. I am dying for the Trevi PM, so my vote goes there. However, I own the Azur Galliera and I LOVE it. It is just a wonderful you really cannot go wrong with either choice.
  14. Trevi PM for sure! If you buy something else you'll still want the Trevi!
  15. trevi, its a classic!