One bag, five goodies *~PICS~*

  1. I guess it was worth hobbling to LV ;)

    I rarely do the slow reveal/guessing game...but I am feeling a little I have to have a little fun....don't worry, I won't string it out as long as Vlad does ;)

  2. Show us!!!
  3. Any guesses? I am sure you guys know atleast 1 right away ;)

  4. ohhhhh whats in the boxes?!! :graucho:
  5. It was a great trip. My SA was so wonderful! She had me call when I got there and they opened up the back door for me, so I didn't have to hobble all through the mall...and she had a bunch of stuff set aside for me...I was surprised...she hadn't even called to say she had pulled stuff for me. She said she didn't want me to feel pressured to come in right away with my bad ankle. So sweet.
  6. one looks like the scarf!!!

    btw is it just me or are the LV boxes sooo darn cute!! as soon as i saw the long skinny box i was like OHH MY GOD i musttt get that box no matter whats in it haha my scarf came in a different box :sad:

    or maybe its a TIE!!

    oh boy i wanna see!
  7. ^^^nope, no scarves....any other guesses?
  8. Soo many goodies!

    I'm totally guessing, but there might be a sweet mongram earring or necklace .... scarf ....azur pouchette, vernis cles ...

    Can't wait till you unwrap! ;D
  9. Show us!!!! I'm guessing some shoes... am I right?? ;)
  10. sweet monogram?
  11. First one....I think most of you know, I have had these paid for and just waiting for me to pick up, but couldn't because of my ankle :sad:

    The LVoe Mules! Yahoo! They are SO pretty and match Ivorie epi perfectly!!!


  12. Something Amarante?? I LOVE the long box... :drool:
  13. Ohhhh love those !
  14. :heart: the sandals! Twinkle.tink, do you have any room in your armoir for another pair?:confused1::p
  15. OHH, i was thinking shoes, but I didnt write it down! Love the Mules! I saw them yesterday at the boutique and was just raving about them! Gorgeous!