One And Only Bag Purchase of Summer

  1. It's been done! So much for going to an outlet and scouting out pirata... I landed my one and only toki summer purchase on an eBay buy it now. It's a citta rosa bambino, and I love ittt~ It has the pink haired girl and the biker girl on one side (the one with the zipper pocket), and on the other just the city scene with a few cars. It's so perfect! I did pay a little over retail (well, the shipping made it that way)... but I'm still proud of myself for snatching it up! :yahoo:

    Yayy!! I hope I get it soon :yes:
  2. congrats! def post pics soon!
  3. Thanks!! Do you know if a denaro would fit in a bambino? I know it doesn't in the bocce... but as the bambino is bigger... =/
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Thank you!! :biggrin:
  6. aww congrats!!!

    i thought you were saving up for a bigger bag!!! :smile:

    well maybe that will come true :smile:
  7. I know... I'll get a bigger bag someday... I'm just in love with the smaller ones, and I think my parents would shoot me if they saw how much money I'd put down for an amore zucca or something. Gaah that's my dream *_*
  8. yay! congrats on the C.R. bambino!! I have one too! :woohoo:

    yah a denaro will def. fit into it :tup:
  9. Oh really? Mm... maybe I'll have to look around for a citta rosa denaro, then haha~ It never stops :p
  10. ooh Congrats! I used my inferno bambino over the weekend and my denaro plus other stuff fit in there great! yes get a matching CR denaro for it! LOL!!
  11. aaahh now I'm gonna go on a quest haha~ :p
  12. oooh cr bambino! i love that bag! did u get it from eBay? 73papasmurfs or something like that..cuz i saw that she had one up!
  13. Yeah, that was the exact one I got! I love how the pink-haired girl is centered on the back... she's my favorite of the girls (and I don't really like the girls much at all)~ 73whoever always posts good pictures and such... I've seen their other bags before, too~
  14. congrats!
  15. Congratulations ^__^ your collection is starting to pile up now :biggrin: I'd love to see pics when it comes in...