Once you take the leap....is there no going back?!?

  1. I know that before I purchased my first Hermes bag, I obsessed for months about spending that amount of money on a bag. I was almost there many times but then talked myself out of paying that much for one bag (little did I know) :graucho:

    Now, that's not to say I didn't spend that amount of money on multiple bag (Chloe, Balenciaga, Prada, etc.) but I would always rationalize it as, well for $5000, I have 3 or 4 great new bags! But low and behold I would tire of them quickly--usually within a season and sell them for a MAJOR loss.

    NOW......fast forward and I can't get enough of Hermes, I just love the simple---not trendy designs, the timeless appeal, the leather---yum, the superior craftsmanship and the service. And the funny thing is, now I see some of those previous loved bags...which I do still admire and I admit sometimes lust after.....and think WOW, $1300 for that bag....that's a great deal!!

    Anyone else give up past loves for H love??? :heart:
  2. Actually, my one and only love has been Hermes. I've gotten other purses along the way as gifts and they now reside with other family members as gifts. The first bag I saved and saved to buy. I was angst ridden over spending all that money on ONE purse, but once I took her home and realized I got my money's worth, there was no going back. I guess I'm the opposite. I can't justify spending $1000 on an It-bag, but have no problem plunking down way more than that for one I will love for the rest of my life. It goes hand-in-hand with the very French attitude of less is more, I guess. I'd rather have one item of high quality, than 10 of moderate quality. So, to answer your question, there was no going back for me.
  3. I love HG. She can put words together in such an elegant manner which expresses my own sentiments towards H. My first H bag was a gift from a family member. I then worked really hard and basically stop buying handbags and leather accessories for 3 years in order to pay for my first self-purchased h bag. I have no desire for any other handbag and I have never looked back. The only non-h item I have kept is an Anya Hindmarch bag my dh SO for me with a photo of me on my bicycle at the age of 3. There rest of my non-h gifts are now in my mom's closet.

    I can only wear one bag and one watch at a time, so please make mine an H bag and a Patek Philippe Calatrava watch
  4. You know, French women have it right. You look into a French woman's closet, and are surprised by the fact that a woman of this fashion conscious race doesn't have half as much as her American counterpart. What she has may well be several years old, but it will be the very best she can buy.When she goes out her friends will not think 'Oh, she's wearing that same old dress again'. They will say 'Oh, You're wearing your beautiful Chanel/Valentino/whatever. I love that dress!' The same goes for h bags. They are prized, and often saved long and hard for. It is not unusual for them to be bequeathed from one generation to the next.
  5. Sorry - that was a bit off thread, but I meant to agree with you both, there's no going back.
  6. nope, there is no going back. once the H fumes hit you, you = dead duck!!! lol. welcome to the world of H.
  7. Emanu, I am definitely of the minority here but although I love my Hermes, I couldn't give up my Chanel or some of my other non H bags...plus I still seem to want more of the others...
    Hermes is my only hand held bag though...I prefer shoulderbags so all my other brands are shoulder bags but I just haven't found an H shoulder bag that I prefer to my chanels, le fabs or balenciagas...
  8. I still have other loves too...I love my LV Speedy and my Goyard St. Louis (both bought after my 1st H) as well as a few other bags in my collection. But I am saving for a Kelly and after I (finally) get her that will be my last bag for a looong time. I just think my collection will then be complete. :tup: Really!;)
  9. No turning back for me. Absolutely not. No other brand gives me the pleasures like Hermes does. It's not just the physical bags. It's got to do with my lovely store manager, my SAs and friends whom I can enjoy Hermes with. If I have to be a closet Hermes lady, the enjoyment would not have been half as good. I love my Hermes tPF friends.
  10. You make it sound like getting married!! :p

    In all honesty, I would like to have my options open for things other than H too...in any price range.
  11. Love this and completely agree!
  12. No turning back for me either. I called myself giving my JPG Birkin a break to carry my Chanel Cambon Multipocket Reporter, we didnt make it out of the house. It felt like i didnt have a handbag on my shoulder, I am so use to the weight of JPG and the leather just doesn't measure up, I am going to sell it and start a new birkin fund.
  13. It was a natural progression for me, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and now Hermes. I find I keep selling my non-H bags off on eBay because I'm not intereseted in them anymore. The problem is, once you justify paying that much for one bag, its a slippery slope and then there is a second and a third and then a full blown obsession.
  14. I just don't feel the same with my other bags.....I buy, realize it does nothing for me and return it. I am completely in LOVE with my H bags. Its quality NOT quantity. Whenever I start to think I need a new bag I try to think about the various H styles and their different purposes...35 Birkins for day, 30 Birkins for Day or Night, Kellys...in various sizes/colors/leathers for day/night, the Lindy, JPG Birkin, Evelyne, etc. I think they have options for pretty much every occasion! Because of the the prices it just takes a little more time...but the wait is well worth it!
  15. I love hearing everyone's story and how they fell for Hermes. I do LOVE Hermes, nothing quite compares!