Once you start you just can't stop. . . my thalassa blue birkin

  1. My DH got me a new birkin from his trip to japan! yehay!

    He got it from a reseller it is brand new. I am sooooo happy!

    My Birkin family is growing and my bank account is dwindling HAHAHA!

    Please share my joy!


  2. A family photo of my humble collection. My DH is worried that this will become a full blown addiction of Hermes. HE IS SO IN TROUBLE because it already is.:roflmfao:

  3. Modelling pics! I am sooo beyond happy!


    My BABIES with my new Baby
  4. Love bleu thalassa!!! Congrats!
  5. Wow, congrats Jen. Your birkens are beautiful and babies are darling.
  6. What a great color! Congrats.
  7. Congratulations Jen0575!!! You must be really excited! 2 in one month!!!
  8. Absolutely stunning! Thalassa is such a beautiful color- congrats! Is it box?
  9. Thalassa Blue is gorgeous! I've heard that they no longer make bags in that color? Is that true?
  10. Congrats, Jen!! I love thalassa blue, it's such a great color. Your kids are too cute. :smile:
  11. Jen, it is nice color!! What a contrast color to your green Birkin!! Niceeee!!
  12. Beautiful bags and kids!! Congrats!

  13. it looks like clemence to me as it is grainy :smile:. it is g stamped so it think it is 2003. The color is a great contrast to the pop of my vert cru. My DH chose this color so it is more subdued and conservative ;). I love it because i heard that they have not come out with this color in a long time and the chance to own one is really makes me happy.

    thanks pepper, blueskyblue, kelly_birkin, boston skygirl, valleyoppressed, star3777, flairforchic, sus and asa
  14. CONGRATS SHE IS GORGEOUS!! I have a kelly in that color and i just love the contrast stitching!! WHAT A SWEET DH to get u that birkin!!!! awwww....
  15. Oh, jen that is so pretty and you look so happy with her!!! Your little ones are adorable, too.

    What a happy family you all are (including the birkies, of course!!)

    Thalassa blue is such a gorgeous color and you are so lucky to have this beauty. You and your DH have great taste!!! :love: