Once upon a time.....


Which one?

  1. Palermo MM

  2. Tivoli MM

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  1. I wanted a Nimbus...errr even umm, I can't even remember now....

    but now I'm debating these two..in the MM size...

    any opinions are appreciated!

  2. I love the tivoli. The palemero just looks to plain.
  3. I'd go with the Palermo, personally. I've seen fakes with similar handles as those on the Tivoli and I don't like them.
  4. I like the Palermo. When is it coming out?
  5. I voted for the Tivoli MM ..... love its unique shape.
  6. i like the palermo a lot. hope to get one later on :smile:
  7. i vote Tivoli!
  8. Tivoli!
  9. Thank you everybody- I still don't know :shrugs: ?

    Hopefully these won't be pushed back........

    This page says October of this year as a release date....
  10. I like the Palmero A LOT... :drool:
  11. i like the tivoli, in that pic the shape reminds me a LITTLE of the thelda too.
  12. I like the palemero, love how it has the strap option or handheld. It actually looks like it might be a pretty user-friendly bag.:tup:
  13. The Tivoli seems much more interesting. I want one too!
  14. i prefer the tivoli :smile:
  15. Another vote for the 'Tivoli from me! :biggrin: