Once Upon A Time.... [REVEAL lol]

  1. In a dark basement somewhere in a city long forgotten by God...


    Something was in the making. Something dangerous, illigal and deadly.

    The fight for another PIECE OF LUGGAGE.
  2. The two contestants were ready to give up everything for what they wanted. The prize was near, but still oh so far, wrapped up and concealed.


    A brief reflection of the intenseness in the air.... One flick of the eye could make one loose to the other.

  3. The prize unveils...


    And the games are on...

  4. As it comes forth in all its glory

  5. [​IMG]

    It's time for little game of Pool
  6. wow! did you really find that in your basement?!
  7. [​IMG]



    The contents...
  8. that's amazing! is that luggage? a hat box? or was it really made for a dart board?
  9. Oh wow now THAT's beautiful! It must hold a ton of stuff.
  10. its beautiful!!
  11. That is gorgeous!
  12. I love it! I want one so bad.
  13. its stunning!
  14. LOL! Great story and I love all of the pictures! :smile:
  15. It`s stunning! Congrats!