~**Once Upon a Time on ABC - Premieres Sunday, Oct. 23 8pm**~

  1. Oh cool! I love Peter Pan :smile:

    **season 1 spoilers below**

    I've been wondering this for a while, why did Jamie Dornan leave the show? Was his role always supposed to end that early or was he written out due to conflicts on set?
  2. ^Dornan's run on the show was supposed to be short. ;)
  3. I really liked him and I was excited to see his relationship with Emma get more serious. Maybe by the time the writers found out how popular he was, it was already too late to keep him, haha. At least they replaced him with equally-eye candy worthy Eion Bailey.
  4. Sunday Sept. 30 is going to be so awesome! OUAT and Revenge and 666 Park Ave = match made in heaven!

    Next Sunday at 7PM right before the premiere there will be a look back at season 1 of Once...the special is titled "Magic is Coming."
  5. I wish Season 1 reruns stayed longer on OnDemand so that I can catch up before season 2 starts. The good thing about cable is they do all day reruns the day of the premiere of a new season. That was how I got into Burn Notice.
  6. You said it! I cant wait for the 30th lol!! I havent watched 666 park ave yet, did it already start? And if so is it good? Not that i need another show to be addicted to!! Lol!!
  7. No, it didn't start yet. The new tv season starts Mon Sept. 24th so all the Sunday shows premiere on Sun Sept. 30.
  8. Starts tonight! :smile:
  9. psyched!!!!
  10. What time? Crap DH and I have homeland and dexter tonight too!
  11. It's on right now if you live in the eastern or central time zone
  12. Oh it's on like now! Eh, not sure how much I like it since they all know who they are...we will see.
  13. I can't wait to watch it! finally all my shows are starting to come back :yahoo:
  14. Well that was interesting