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  1. Hi guys. I'm so excited to share about an exciting trip I have planned for this week.
    My brother is an executive for a Fortune 500 company. They have a corporate jet. If the jet is almost full but not at capacity, regulations allow for an additional passenger or two. I get to be that passenger.
    We are headed to Manhattan. My son, nieces, and nephew all live in NYC. My brother had a dinner already planned with them but my presence will be a surprise to all but my son. We are staying in a mansion converted to a hotel. It's in the area of amazing shops.
    I would like to pop into Louis Vuitton to pick up a souvenir to mark this trip.

    Here is a run down of my collection.
    Mono Delightful PM
    Epi Petit Noe in black
    Petit Noe in Mono
    Speedy 25s in Mono and in Azur
    Neverfull MM old model in Ebene and Azur
    PM Bucket Bag and Pochette, Musette a Tango, Petit Jeunne Fille and Trocodero 27.
    I have a Pochette in Ebene and Vernis. A mini Pochette in Azur, a Mono Cles, six key holder in Epi, and a wallet. So I don't need an SLG.

    I love my Neverfulls. I've always regretted not getting one in Mono but I've always had my eye on a Speedy Bandolier. I want to keep it below 1500. What are your thoughts?
  2. Sounds like fun, congrats!

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  3. #3 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
    Before reading you want to keep it below $1,500.00 I was going to suggest an Alma in Epi. You have some beautiful classics and an Alma would be the perfect addition. I prefer the Classic Speedy to Speedy b, so I'd choose mono NF over Speedy b. Alma BB is a great small bag, and in Epi or Vernis it is very versatile. Saint Germain BB is a great small bag as well. I'd add something that will diversify your collection, preferably in leather. Enjoy your visit with family. This trip sounds like it'll be just wonderful!
  4. What a wonderful surprise for your family and how fun to take the private jet! Woo!

    I love my Speedy B so I'd go for that - it's worry free and so versatile. Maybe a Favorite in DE? Iove that too :yes: I'd also try on the Totally in DE!
  5. You already have two Neverfulls so I would go for the Speedy B! Have fun :smile:
  6. I agree with the comment on the Alma, so Alma BB in Mono.
  7. +1

  8. How exciting!!!! Another vote for the Speedy b or the Alma BB is so adorable too!!
  9. Maybe something for evening - a clutch or Vernis pochette felice?

    Have fun in NYC! I'll be there on Thursday trying to score tickets to Hamilton!
  10. Speedy b! And have a fantastic trip!
  11. Yep, another vote for speedy b!!! Or an alma. 3 neverfulls is a bit redundant imo.
  12. Speedies! And have lots of fun in NYC!!! Weather is starting to get super warm around here...you're coming at a great time!
  13. Sounds like an awesome experience!

    My vote is for a Speedy B, I really love mine, they are so versatile.
  14. Speedy B or Alma PM! Have fun! :biggrin:
  15. I don't have any particular bag suggestions, but I wanted to tell you that I hope you have an incredible trip and a wonderful visit with your family.
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